how does birds of prey end

This article contains nothing but Birds of Prey spoilers. We have a spoiler-free review right here.

We can’t get enough of the badass women of Birds of Prey! Now that you’ve seen Harley Quinn and her girl gang take down the baddies of Gotham it’s time to break down the end of the movie and work out what it all means for the future of the Birds of Prey and the DCEU going forward.

How Birds Of Prey Ended

In Birds of Prey, teenage pickpocket Cassandra Cain (Ella Jay Bosco) is at the center of the conflict. Almost every main character wants to get their hands on the young thief, since Cain is in possession of the Bertinelli Diamond, a jewel that contains the account numbers to the enormous Bertinelli fortune.

For the most part of Birds of Prey, Harley is Cassandra’s friend, but after a friend betrays her, she decides she wants to give the child to Roman Sionis (Ewan McGregor), the Gotham crime lord who wants to take advantage of the Bertinelli fortune. Taking Cassandra to The Booby Trap, an abandoned theme park where Harley and The Joker once holed up, the handoff is interrupted by a group that, by the end of the movie, transforms into a DC supergroup.

Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez), Dinah Laurel Lance a. k. a Black Canary (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), and Helena Bertinelli a. k. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, a huntress, and others congregate at The Booby Trap. Everyone has a different reason for being there, and no one can be trusted because Bertinelli wants to exact revenge on her family’s death while Montoya and Lance are trying to protect the girl and bring down the Sionis crime family.

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All that is required for Harley Quinn to persuade the Birds of Prey to form a temporary alliance is for Roman to appear in full as Black Mask. All of Sionis’ hired goons are destroyed in a fierce battle, but he still manages to take Cassandra and flee in a convoy of vehicles.

After Black Canary uses her voice power to blast away the last of the Sionis goons, Harley pursues them and eventually finds them near Founders Pier. She takes on Roman Sionis with all of her strength, even though she misses her one and only opportunity to kill him with a bullet. However, Cassandra steps in to save the day by detonating a grenade she conceals in Roman’s jacket.

Roman Sionis is kicked over a railing and explodes into pieces before hitting the water below. Harley saves Cassandra so she can fight another day. Despite missing out on Montoya, Black Canary, and Huntress at a post-battle bonding breakfast, the two manage to stay together. The Bertinelli heiress’s return to riches allows the three heroes to form the Birds of Prey, a new superhero team. Harley and Cass also get to live a little more opulently thanks to the diamond they pawned.

Where Birds Of Prey Leaves Harley Quinn And Cassandra Cain

Harley Quinn and Cassandra Cain have formed their own clique as “Bad Ass Motherfuckers,” while the Birds of Prey are teamed up and prepared to battle the criminal scum in Gotham City. This obviously frees Harley up to go on her own adventures in the future, as she isn’t bound to any cause that she may have fought for a while.

Harley was always only supposed to be the cosmic, fateful force that united the Birds. However, we already know that Margot Robbie’s DC Comics villain will make a reappearance in the James Gunn sequel The Suicide Squad in 2021, so she won’t be flying solo for long. She will soon be reunited with Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang, so it’s probably a good thing that she can still remember him. She spots him on a wall.

This could also imply that the new joint venture between Harley and Cassie isn’t expected to last very long. After the events of Birds of Prey, Cassandra will probably need a new place to hang out due to Harley’s ways and her loose cannon personality. She will also likely be working with the Suicide Squad again. This may portend some intriguing developments for the upcoming slate of DC Comics movies, none of which are explained in any post-credits scenes (although Harley Quinn makes an attempt to educate the audience on Batman before her remarks are interrupted by the studio logos). Up next:

The Death of Black Mask

Though this movie is named after the Birds of Prey comic series, it’s really about Harley Quinn coming to terms with her own identity following a tumultuous breakup with the Joker. The notorious villain has always been defined by her relationship, and she is helpless without it. This conflict is best illustrated by Harley’s decision to sell out Cassandra Cain by exchanging the young girl and the diamond she stole in order to save her own skin at an abandoned funhouse known as the Booby Trap in Gotham’s Amusement Mile. Does she try to become a more notorious bad guy than him? Should she get out of Gotham? Should she… turn good?

No matter that Black Mask is someone Harley despises or that Cass is the closest thing Harley has to a friend, when it comes down to it, her survival instinct takes over. Though it may have begun as a gambit to save her own life, Harley’s decision to promise Roman that she would deliver the girl and the Bertinelli Diamond turned out to be crucial, and regrettably, she made the incorrect one. However, a cruel turn of events and a fierce group of amazing women mean that Cass’s future lies outside the Booby Trap and Harley’s betrayal does not render her unredeemable.

As Roman and his group of masked goons arrive at the iconic Gotham location–Amusement Mile first appeared in 1999’s Batman #569 but has been a key spot in the Batman: Arkham video game franchise too–we get a cool nod to the classic comics. In addition to donning the instantly recognizable mask that gives him his name, Roman is accompanied by a group of masked goons. This is not only a tangible depiction of the gender dynamics at work in the fight’s conclusion, as the Birds of Prey battle the city’s misogynistic men, but it also appears to be a nod to Black Mask’s iconic hench squad, the False Face Society.

A reluctant group of anti-heroines realizes that banding together is the only way to survive in the face of this massive force, which symbolizes not only a literal battle they must win but also a symbolic struggle against all the men who have attempted to oppress and trap them throughout the movie. Here, we must commend Chad Stahelski and his stunt team 87eleven for an incredible fight scene that takes place throughout the funhouse. It is unquestionably one of the best fight scenes in any DC or Marvel film. One of the most important scenes in the film occurs when the crew realizes there are still more henchmen to kill as they approach the exit.


What’s the secret at the end of Birds of Prey?

There are no extra scenes at the end of “Birds of Prey (and the emancipation of one Harley Quinn).” At the film’s very end, after all the credits run, Harley Quinn gives a short voice-over mocking anyone still sitting in the audience.

Did Bruce survive in Birds of Prey?

When Quinn’s apartment was bombed by Black Mask, Bruce was presumed dead in the explosion. However, he survived and escaped through unknown means. He later reunited with Quinn after the Birds of Prey defeated Sionis and his False Facers.

Is there an end scene in Birds of Prey?

Well, I hate to break it to you but there’s not really an end credits scene in the traditional sense. Instead, the screen stays black and we get Harley Quinn’s (Margot Robbie) voice chastising the audience for sticking around.

Why did Cass eat the diamond?

Cain tried to escape without success and she was arrested by the police while Lance and Zsasz tried to avoid her arrest to recover the diamond. While she was being taken away in the police car, Cain observed the diamond and decided to swallow it to hide it from the police.