how does coupon bird work

Super easy to use. It just literally keeps automatically attempting to use several different promo codes to see which one works, then chooses the one that ends up saving you the most money. Simple as that.

Doesnt get any better than saving money without having to search the entire internet for a few codes.

I always use Couponbirds when it works on a site. It has saved me a lot of money. Today it saved me on a site that usually doesnt except coupons on top of sales. I saved $20!

CouponBirds is a great extension that allows you to add promo codes. Thanks to this extension, Ive been able to save up to €20.

helped me find great deals!!! automatically pops up when sometimes i forget to check for deals

Honestly I was sceptical about this extension, but after realizing not on every website youre going to get coupons it gets clear how useful this tool is. And yes, after some months of use, I can confidently say it works, though obviously not when there are no coupons applicable on the website youre panning to buy from.

I stumbled upon CouponBirds while searching for ways to save money on my online purchases, and Im so glad I did! This platform is an absolute game-changer when it comes to finding incredible deals and discounts.

it was great to be able to have a discount code work effectivley and efficiently; thank you

CouponBirds is so easy and pops up everytime I make a purchase online and saves me money!

Code was real, I had already applied it just wanted to see if the Birds had it as well and they did.

honestly thought it was bogus at first but Ive saved easily over a hundred dollars already. wouldnt go back!

They went above and beyond to save money more than what the company is offering as a discount. I am impressed!

I was surprised that I saved anything but thankful and it only took a few seconds!!

I dont always get a discount when using CouponBirds, but when I do, its a nice surprise. I will continue to use it.

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Wasnt expecting much but was pleasantly surprised at the savings I got. I practically got TWO pairs of Nikes for my toddler for free!

Information written by the companyReal-Time Deals & Real-Time Savings! Get the latest coupons, deals, and promo codes of millions of stores at CouponBirds.

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Using CouponBirds doesn’t always result in a discount, but when it does, it’s a pleasant surprise. I will continue to use it.

Though I wasn’t expecting much, the savings I received pleasantly surprised me. For my toddler, I essentially received TWO pairs of Nikes for free!

I always use Couponbirds when it works on a site. It has saved me a lot of money. On a website that typically doesn’t accept coupons in addition to sales, it saved me today. I saved $20!.

I save money every time I shop online thanks to CouponBirds, which is really simple to use and always appears!

Online shoppers can find and test coupons automatically with CouponBirds SmartCoupon Finder, a free browser extension. When you install the extension, it will search for active coupons from the stores you are shopping with and apply the best ones automatically when you check out. Simply continue shopping as usual, and the extension will assist you in obtaining the best deal. Currently, CouponBirds SmartCoupon Finder helps customers save money at over 60,000 stores. The analysis of current data indicates that users should save $300 on average a year on their online purchases.

According to Yara Chen, product manager at CouponBirds, “SmartCoupon Finder is now highly approved by those shoppers who want to save more and effortlessly.” In order to help more customers save more money and more easily, CouponBirds is willing to extend an invitation to more shoppers to join us. We will also work to improve the functionality and service of SmartCoupon Finder. ”.

CouponBirds is the No. 1 coupon website in terms of valid coupon code numbers, store coverage, and coupon accuracy Since 2012, it has been giving consumers access to new and free coupon codes and discounts. With ongoing operations and engineering investments, CouponBirds is becoming the most reliable option for consumers looking to locate valid coupons and discounts.

In 2021, CouponBirds introduced its automated coupon discovery tool, called CouponBirds SmartCoupon Finder. NEW YORK—(BUSINESS WIRE)— Shoppers who truly want to save money without wasting time looking for coupons online have embraced this useful and free browser extension with great speed. More than 200,000 shoppers have installed the extension thus far, and the user base is still expanding quickly.

The goal of SmartCoupon Finder’s development is to give consumers access to a more efficient means of saving money. And it really did its work. As per the data provided by CouponBirds, more than 20466% of users have saved money with the help of SmartCoupon Finder when they shop online, and 65 percent of users have saved money on their first use of the extension.


How do you use coupon bird?

To enter a promotional coupon to your account, go to the Payments section of the app and tap Enter Code, then type in the promo code. If you are unable to enter the code, please log out, restart your app and log back in. If you still cannot enter your code, please contact us through the Help section of the app.

How do I use coupon bird Chrome extension?

Once you install the extension to your browser, it will find the working coupon codes of the retailers you’re shopping with and automatically apply the best codes at checkout. You just shop as normal, and the extension will help you get the best discount.

How do discount coupons work?

How discount coupons work. A discount coupon is basically a code that a customer can enter at checkout and get a discount on their order. Offer gift cards in your store to boost up sales during the holidays.