how do parakeet birds sleep

Are you worried about the unusual way in which your feathered friend is sleeping? How do budgies sleep, and what is their natural position for doing so? Do they sleep perching on one leg? Find out more!

Budgies have amazingly flexible neck muscles, so if you find your parakeet budgie is sleeping upside-down, don’t fret because it is one of the many ways budgies sleep!

Wild budgies like to sleep on a tree’s highest branch to protect themselves from predators. They don’t alter this behavior even when they are domesticated.

It is not uncommon for pet budgies to climb up the sides or ceiling of their enclosure to sleep. A budgie can also sleep upside down, hanging from the ceiling of its enclosure.

Budgies have multiple sleeping positions. In this article, we will shed some light on most of these positions.

When Do Budges Sleep?

Budgies spend most of their nighttime sleep in their cage. But unlike humans, budgies don’t sleep for ten hours at a time. They typically wake up with the sun and get up multiple times during the night.

Budgies Sleeping at the Bottom of the Cage

Even if they are kept as pets, budges will always naturally sleep on perches. But if your budgie has chosen to completely ignore this instinct and is sleeping on the bottom of the cage, it may indicate one of the issues listed below.

Trying to avoid extreme cold or heat.

Budgies are highly sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Native to central Australia’s savannahs and woodlands, budgies But although they are used to the heat, they dislike extremely hot weather. Any temperature over 85 degrees Fahrenheit gets uncomfortable for budgies.

For budgies, the ideal temperature range is between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. They would prefer to relocate to the lower, cooler sections of their cage when the temperature rises above this.

In a similar vein, when the temperature drops too much, budgies might be too cold to perch. In fact, wild budgies migrate to escape cold temperatures.

Your budgie may find the cage’s interior to be too cold during the winter. It may be attempting to stay warm by sleeping at the bottom of the cage.

how do parakeet birds sleep

It could be sick and weak.

Your budgie may be too sick and weak to perch. In these circumstances, it would simply lie down where it was most comfortable—at the bottom of the cage.

There is no space in the cage or enclosure.

One or two budgies may prefer to sleep on the bottom of the cage if there are many of them in the enclosure and the majority of them are perching. This will help them avoid discomfort. If this is the case, make sure your budgies have a larger cage.

Lying Down on their Perch

One possibility is that the budgie is too ill to perch if it is lying down on the perch rather than perching.

Budgies typically only lie on their perches to rest when they are too weak or exhausted. In either scenario, now might be a good time to see a veterinarian.


How do you know if your parakeet is sleeping?

A healthy sleeping position for a parakeet includes their head tucked into their neck or their head resting on their back. They will be perched on one foot with the other tucked into its belly.

Do parakeets need to be covered at night?

Parakeets do not have to be covered at night, but some parakeets might prefer it. It can help be a clear indication of bedtime or allow them to feel safer.

What do parakeets look like when they sleep?

Budgies can sleep lying down on their bellies or hanging upside down. Budgies can also sleep lying down on the perch or standing on one leg (again on the perch itself). Sometimes, budgies can also sleep with heads down.