how to block out bird noise

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My suggestions won’t be liked by the budgies, but you might find that they also solve your problem.

  • Purchase a cage for them that is cozy enough for them to spend a few hours in.
  • When scheduling a Zoom meeting, cover the cage to trick them into thinking it’s night and going to bed, or move the cage to another room where they can’t fly to the living room and their sounds won’t be heard.

Budgie Buddies Babel Hack:

Two microphones are used out of phase in active noise cancellation to lessen or even completely eliminate background noise. A secondary microphone is positioned some distance away from you, perhaps near the cage, to pick up everything else. One microphone is used to pick up the desirable source, which is you.

After mixing the two microphones out of phase, the cleaner, stronger signal is sent into the video stream.

Look into pre-made noise cancellation headsets and microphones with an integrated second microphone before creating a custom setup. There is specialized equipment available for video conferencing specifically.

The best setup eliminates ambient background noise, including intermittent (chirping budgies) and constant (hum), using hardware (mice, mixer, and interface) and software.

“Noise-cancellation” software and an interface are available for a price commensurate with budgie-busting Babel.

Have you tried Krisp ( Its a software solution and they offer 240 minutes of noise cancellation per week for free.

Allow the meeting to see the birds as it can hear them. Place the cage behind you so they are visible. Even better, you can install a green screen on the wall to simulate being in a lush jungle.

I’ve found that Microsoft Teams’ noise cancellation setting works fairly well. Have you tried it?

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Using earplugs, closing windows, turning on a fan to create white noise, playing a background noise CD such as rain, or even moving to a different room are some suggestions, I suppose. However, a nighttime songbird is typically an solitary male. Once they get the girl, the singing stops.

State and federal laws safeguard all birds, so no matter how bothersome they may be in the early morning, harassment of them is prohibited. It’s best to just block your ears or ignore them. The woodpecker hammering at four in the morning is the worst noise, in my opinion. Because they mimic and can sing all night, birds like mockingbirds can test the patience of even the most devoted birdwatchers. Fortunately, there aren’t any around here, but there were some where I spent a few weeks. They are a noisy bunch.


How do you stop birds from chirping all night?

Try shining a light on them. They are probably staying up and making noise instead of sleeping because there is so much light where they perch at night. To quiet them down, get rid of the light, or switch the bulbs to red (which they don’t see as well).

What sound scares birds away?

Playing recordings of predator sounds such as hawks, owls, or falcons can effectively scare away birds. Birds have a natural fear of predators, and hearing these sounds can trigger their instinct to flee and seek safety.

What makes birds stop chirping?

Usually if there is bird activity that suddenly stops, it’s because the birds have spotted a predator. In our backyard, we sometimes see birds suddenly stop singing and chirping, and freeze in place on feeders or while perched.