how do orchards keep birds away

Fall is apple season! But you won’t be able to enjoy your apples if birds get to them first. Each year, thousands of apples are wasted because birds peck holes into them and they begin to rot. Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can keep birds away from apple trees so you can enjoy them yourself this fall season. Here are some tips to protect your apples from the experts at Avian Control.

One of the simplest ways to drive the birds away is by hanging noise makers in or around the apple trees. These can be anything from bells to empty bottles or cans rattling together. The noise will bother or frighten the birds, thus relocating them without causing them any harm. The only hitch with noisemakers is that some birds may not be bothered by the noise and stick around anyway.

Not only is fall the season for apples, but it’s also the season for the ever faithful scarecrow! This bird deterrent technique has evolved from a once-useful tool to scare away crows, to a traditional symbol of farming. You can try making your best scarecrow for the birds, but years of this bird repellent method have proven that birds are more grateful for the perch than they are scared of the device.

The process of netting is simply handing a net over the trees. This will prevent the birds from having access to your apple trees. While netting will protect your apples, it can be a bit labor intensive to set up, and it doesn’t necessarily repel the birds, but it will save your apples!

The most effective way to repel birds from your apple trees is by using a bird repellent spray like Avian Control. There are many benefits from using Avian Control that you just can’t get from other bird control methods including:

All you have to do to begin netting is to simply drape a net over the trees. By doing this, you can keep the birds away from your apple trees. Although netting can be labor-intensive to set up and may not always deter birds, it is an effective means of protecting your apples.

It’s not a good idea to let birds take over your apple trees in the fall when you could be picking apples yourself. The best method of bird control to keep the birds away and protect your apple trees is called avian control. Contact us for more information at 888. 868. 1982 or order online in commercial or residential sizes now!.

Avian Control is a bird repellent spray that works the best at keeping birds away from your apple trees. Using avian control has numerous advantages over other bird control techniques, some of which are as follows:

Fall is not only the time of year for apples; it’s also the time of year for the ever-dependable scarecrow, a bird deterrent that was originally designed to frighten off crows but has since become a traditional agricultural symbol. Though years of using this bird repellent technique have shown that birds are more appreciative of the perch than they are afraid of the device, you can still try to make your best scarecrow for the birds.

Apple season is in the fall, but if birds get to your apples before you do, you won’t be able to enjoy them. Thousands of apples are wasted annually as a result of birds pecking holes in them, causing them to rot. Fortunately, there are several strategies for deterring birds from eating apples, allowing you to enjoy them this fall. Here are some pointers to safeguard your apples from Avian Control’s knowledgeable staff.

How to Protect Fruit Trees from Birds

Florida is a great place to grow fruit trees. In Florida, a lot of homeowners have at least one fruit tree on their land. You should maintain the trees in good condition whether they are used as ornamental plantings, shade trees, or even for their fruit. Fruit tree cultivation can be satisfying for a number of reasons. Trees increase the value of your home and produce beautiful flowers when they grow. But regardless of the type of tree you’re cultivating, you should understand how to keep it safe. When it comes to your fruit trees, there are certain pests that you might not consider. You can learn how to keep local birds away from your trees by reading this article.

Feed Birds Somewhere Else

Birds that are hungry will go for fruit in addition to being thirsty. Birds that consume buds and seeds would prefer to eat seeds that are accessible, free of husks and leaves to gnaw on, so that makes sense. Therefore, by installing seed feeders, the majority of birds will choose the simpler food source over the fruit.


How do commercial orchards keep birds away?

Biological control In an effort to attract native predators, some growers have erected nest boxes for kestrels, a small falcon found in the Great Lakes region, to deter birds from visiting the crop area. They nest from April to August, which puts them in and around orchards when birds might be damaging fruit.

How do cherry orchards keep birds away?

Install Netting One effective way to keep birds away from your cherries is to install a netting on top of the tree. Be careful though, birds can be persistent and find their way past the netting through the bottom. In addition, birds can reach their beaks through the netting and steal surrounding fruit.

How protect fruit trees from birds?

The best way to protect your fruit trees is liquid bird repellent. Unlike other bird repellents, liquid bird repellent works effectively and efficiently. Liquid bird repellent has features such as: Quick and easy applications on most surfaces.

How do orchards keep animals away?

A good first step is to surround new fruit plants with a cylinder of 1/2-inch hardware cloth that extends from below the soil surface to the top of the plant. Alternately, keep plants covered with netting. This will prevent problems with deer, voles, birds, and rabbits.