how do bird mites get in your house

Bird mites are avian parasites that live on the skin of domestic fowl and wild birds. If these pests make their way into your home they can affect you for several weeks at a time. ‌

Mite bites can cause mild to severe discomfort and disrupt your everyday activities. If you live in an area where you could get a mite infestation, follow the necessary measures to keep them at bay.

How long can bird mites live without a host?

Infestations may thrive for some time prior to identification.

Even though certain bird mites are not picky about their hosts, they tend to stick with the ones they do select for the rest of their lives. Thousands of mites migrate in search of a new host when a host dies.

Where do bird mites come from?

Infestations typically happen in the spring and early summer, when there are a lot of bird nests. Bird mites, also known as chicken mites, frequently live in their hosts’ nests. These nests are commonly found in:

  • Chimneys
  • Eaves
  • Roof spaces
  • Small cracks or cavities in walls
  • Window ledges

Bird mites usually inhabit farms and poultry houses. To prevent infestation, it is advised to treat these areas for bird mites twice a year.

Bird mites can dangerous for poultry and pest birds. The best strategy for eliminating bird mites in nests and other impacted areas can be determined with the assistance of a pest control expert.

Although they pose no threat to people, clover mite infestations can be bothersome. Learn how to control clover mite infestations.

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How do I get rid of bird mites?

Finding the bird mites’ breeding and nesting locations is essential to eliminating their population from the house. State and federal laws must be complied with, as some bird species may be protected. To stop further infestations, specific pesticides can then be sprayed in the nesting area in accordance with label directions and regulations.

Properties with a bird mite issue probably have elements that attract birds, such as plenty of insects or other food sources, roosting areas, and water that is easily accessible. Bird pests bring their parasitic mites with them when they nest in trees, on the outside of homes, or in attics and wall cavities. Bird mites infest:

  • Domestic fowl, including chickens
  • Pigeons
  • Sparrows
  • Starlings

Bird mite populations are highly destructive and spread quickly; in certain species, eggs hatch after three days and develop into adults in another five.

These pests usually only bite people when their preferred hosts are no longer available; they are not long-term human parasites. Bird mites are extremely dangerous to many types of birds, including poultry and pet birds, even though they rarely cause humans to experience more than minor skin irritation.


How do I get rid of bird mites in my house?

Vacuum your carpets, rugs, curtains, and furniture thoroughly and then take the vacuum bag or canister and either dump out the bag immediately or wash the plastic canister with hot water and soap to ensure the bird mites caught inside are killed.

How long do bird mites live indoors?

While the mites can be an itchy nuisance, they are unable to survive on humans or in homes for any length of time, usually a matter of weeks only under ideal conditions. In most cases survival is limited to a few days, especially in a home with air conditioning.

Do bird mites get in your bed?

Since bird mites are so small (around 0.5 millimeters long), they can get into every part of the house, from carpet and drapes to furniture and beds!

Will bird mites wash off in shower?

You’ll need to cleanse your skin to eliminate any mites remaining on your body. This involves scrubbing your skin in the shower with body wash and shampooing your hair. This can eradicate mites and improve symptoms. If you have itching, use a moisturizer after bathing to soothe irritation.