does wd 40 remove bird poop

What is it about clean, gleaming paintwork? A freshly detailed car always seems to provoke an attack from natures dive-bombers!

More than just an ugly mess, these droppings can cause severe damage to your rides bodywork. And, unfortunately, the wrong cleaning technique will only make the problem worse.

So, today we will show you the best way to deal with bird poop quickly, effectively and, most importantly, safely.

WATCH: How To Remove Bird Poop From Car: The BEST Method Turbo Waterless Detailer by Torque Detail The Perfect Emergency Detailer to Remove Bird Poop SAFELY and EASILY!

The way most people remove bird poop from their car is abrasive and dangerous to their paint job. Turbo Waterless Detailer—a product that allows you to wash your vehicle and enhance your wax/ceramic coating without busting out the hose—is the perfect multi-use product to safely remove bird droppings without hassle.

How To Get Rid Of Bird Poop Stains On Your Car?

Thus, even though you try your hardest to clean up any bird droppings as soon as you get outside to the car in the morning, and the worst happens! A thorough cleaning reveals that the damage is irreversible: bird droppings have worn away your paint!

If You’re At Home: Try This First

does wd 40 remove bird poop

A classic garden hose is an excellent place to start. If the excrement is relatively recent, this may be sufficient.

To start, quickly mist it with water to make the droppings softer. The water pressure might be sufficient to remove all of the debris and grains from the surface after a few minutes of waiting.

This comes in very handy when trying to reach those last few grains if you have access to pressurized air. Alternatively, perhaps if your neighbors are irritated by your hose spraying!

Next, take a close look to see if all of the solid pieces have vanished. Next, use a microfiber cloth to clean the surface before reapplying the sealant of your choice, such as a ceramic coating or wax. Since the acid has most likely already worn off some of this layer, reapplying will guarantee that your vehicle is completely protected. Torque Detail’s Ceramic Spray is what we suggest for excellent shine and durable protection.

Alternative Bird Poop Removing Products: A Worthwhile Investment or a Pile of Bird Poop?

We’ve already covered the Torque Method, which is, in our opinion, the most effective way to get rid of bird droppings. If you don’t have a bottle of Turbo Waterless Detailer on hand, you can try these other methods.

I’ve experimented with a good number of bird dropping removal products. From my experience, they arent all that special. The ones I’ve tried produced results resembling those of WD-40 or Turbo Waterless Detailer. I had hoped that they would be able to more thoroughly penetrate the extremely baked-on bird droppings, but sadly, it didn’t turn out very well. Has using specialized bird poop removal products been similar in your experience?

Again, since a Turbo Waterless Detailer is a multipurpose tool that doesn’t take up much room, I just like to keep one in my car.

Some claim that using WD-40 to clean paintwork is a helpful technique. According to tests, the lubrication and high-pressure spray have made it a helpful tool for first clearing the droppings.

Paint is completely safe to use, but wax and sealants are a different story. Numerous individuals have complained that it ruins or discolors their wax jobs. It is possible that after using your wax, you will need to reapply it. Based on what I’ve observed, it might discolor it but won’t remove your preferred sealant.

Other than that, the only drawback to using WD-40 as your go-to emergency tool for removing bird poop from cars is that it might smell oily. Additionally, picking up a can with oil residue still on it is not enjoyable.


Can you use WD 40 to remove bird poop?

Visit the WD-40 website and you’ll see that it has literally 100s of uses but one of them is removing stubborn dirt such as tree sap and bird droppings off your metal garden furniture. Simply, spray it directly onto the mess, leave it for about 1 minute and then wipe away with a clean damp microfibre cloth.

What is the best thing to remove bird poop?

As far as cleaning equipment goes, it’s pretty straightforward. Buckets, brushes, scrapers, bin bags, plenty of water and maybe a shovel. A hosepipe will be invaluable if you have a substantial amount of dried droppings to remove. A disinfectant spray is a must for finishing off the area.

What is the best bird poop cleaner?

Microcide SQ is an EPA approved disinfectant effective against 108 different disease-causing viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold. Airzyme Waste Digester is ideal for cleaning, digesting, and deodorizing accumulations of bird droppings.