can a frog eat a bird

A man in Livingston, Louisiana stumbled upon one of the most amazing battles ever captured on camera of a bullfrog fighting a coot.

Commonly mistaken for a duck, the coot was filmed face down in the water and was being held under there by a massive bullfrog gripping ahold of the bird’s head. The man and his children were fascinated by this one-in-a-million discovery and started recording it.

The frog, which was roughly three times smaller than the coot, had the bird’s entire head inside of its mouth. One can only speculate how the two ended up in this predicament but it appeared the frog was either trying to drown the bird or the bird was stuck in the frog’s mouth and it was about to end badly for the both of them.

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This is what the man did next

In cases like this, experts strongly advise leaving wildlife alone to allow nature to unfold organically; however, the man’s children were present, creating a moral conundrum. Furthermore, he believed that both animals might die in the end, so he made the decision to intervene and break up the fight.

Initially, he sprayed them with water in an attempt to break it apart, but the frog was resisting. In order to further assess the situation, the man then made the decision to simply reach down into the water, pick them both up, and bring them back to land.

can a frog eat a bird

After laying them down, he gently squeezed the frog’s throat to cause it to release the coot. It worked. At last, the frog started to spit up the bird, which seemed to be located quite deep in its throat.

The moment the coot was free, it shook off the frog’s spit and headed straight for the water. The man held the frog up to the camera to get a close-up and demonstrate the amazing sight of the creature as it swam away and turned to face the camera in an attempt to understand what had happened.

You have to give it to the frog though. It looked like it was winning the fight. In any case, it was a fantastic video that you ought to watch.


Can a frog eat a duck?

The bullfrog is the largest frog in North America. It can reach over six inches in length, and males can weigh in at over a pound, and will eat just about anything they can get into their mouth. The large gaping maw of a bullfrog can – and does often – swallow mallard ducklings whole.

What do frog eat?

Small frogs eat insects such as flies and moths, as well as snails, slugs and worms. They use long tongues and sticky saliva to catch prey that passes them by. Tadpoles eat algae in the ponds they grow in. As they grow, they feed on plants and small insects.

Do frogs eat live prey?

Feeding pet frogs can be one of the most fascinating and engaging activities for pet parents. Most frogs feed on living invertebrate prey items in the wild making them insectivores.

Do frogs crush their food?

Frogs can’t chew they swallow their prey whole which may be partially crushed the frogs digestive juices usually quickly finish the insect there may be exceptions. When a large fish eats a small fish whole, is swallowed fish alive in the big fish’s stomach for a long time?