are copper bird baths safe

What is the warranty on a bird bath?

To guarantee you get the most out of our products, Good Directions provides a lifetime warranty on all of our copper bird baths in addition to first-rate customer service.

The effects of giving mallards, ducks, and domestic chickens regulated doses of copper are documented by Eisler (1998). Studies cited experimented with scales of dosage levels; ” . Day-old chicks given diets containing 10 (control), 100, 200, or 350 mg/kg ration for 25 days showed that the 350 mg/kg group gained less weight than the other groups, which were all the same as the controls.

It seems extremely unlikely that water ingested from a copper vessel will pose a credible health risk to wild birds, even with consideration for the differences in bird species, their specific diets, the amounts of water ingested from a birdbath and through vegetable matter or other water sources, and the different types of copper compounds that may be present in the water consumed.

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Will copper pennies in bird bath harm birds?

Using pennies in your bird bath The copper in the pennies releases ions which slow the algae growth in water. While large quantities of copper can be harmful to birds, small amounts are safe, allowing you to use a few pennies in the bottom of your bird bath to keep the water clean and fresh.

Is copper sulfate toxic to birds?

Can copper sulfate affect birds, fish, or other wildlife? The U.S. EPA considers copper to be practically nontoxic to bees and moderately toxic to birds. Studies with several aquatic species have found copper to be highly to very highly toxic to fish and aquatic life.

How do you clean a copper bird bath?

Now, there might not be much you can do about a lurking Accipiter in your yard, but taking care of your birdbath is easy and important, especially during fall migration, when birds are relying on your yards to recharge. To keep your birdbath fresh, just rinse and scrub it with nine parts water, one part vinegar.