why do birds keep coming to me

5. You might be in love.

Love is approaching if you notice birds flying in front of you, particularly flamingos, swans, or doves. They are a representation of wisdom, signifying that you are whole, well, and prepared to love without restraint.

Your love life is about to take a dramatic turn if you have been experiencing a lack of love. It’s possible that when you become particularly attached to someone, they feel the same way.

Birds are thought to be messengers from the divine realm.

Written on January 4, 2023 by NyRee Ausler; photo courtesy of Michal Dobes, ozgurdonmaz / Getty via Canva

why do birds keep coming to me

I’m not sure about you, but anytime I see a group of birds flying close together, I can’t help but think of Alfred Hitchcock’s horror movie “The Birds,” from 1963, in which crows suddenly start attacking everyone. I duck and hide if a bird flies into my personal space, probably looking ridiculous to anyone who sees me.

If you’re like me, you may not be understanding the spiritual significance of birds approaching you.

Generally speaking, seeing birds flying past you is a sign of good fortune or impending good news. Additionally, certain bird species have the power to bring misfortune to you just by passing in front of you!

Birds represent many different spiritual ideals in various cultures. Although a bird flying in front of you could be a sign from the universe, there are other interpretations that can help you decipher the message it is trying to convey to you.

Numerous spiritual traditions and cultures maintain that birds have important symbolic meanings that are not to be disregarded. These five birds’ messages and spiritual meanings for you to consider

You are now aware of the messages or meanings that various birds are trying to express. Now let’s switch gears and examine the numerous spiritual connotations of birds crossing your path.

Birds were revered as protectors and guardians in many ancient cultures that firmly believed that the universe used creatures to send messages.

Frequently, the messages can be anything from a sign of a higher calling and purpose to freedom and intuition. Let’s examine the messages and spiritual meanings that birds following you represent. Get ready to be astounded and learn more about the mysterious world around us.

This means that having birds follow you indicates that your angels or higher power are keeping an eye on you and directing your every step. Your spirit guides and the universe are protecting you. You are protected as you transition into the next phase of your life, so trust the advice and support the birds are attempting to give you.


What does it mean when birds visit you?

Things You Should Know Bird visits can represent incoming messages from the spiritual world. Alternatively, bird visits can be an encouraging reminder to embrace your future and independence. A visit from a cardinal is believed to be a visit from a deceased loved one.

Why do birds keep approaching me?

This behavior is often displayed when a bird is questing for attention, and will often attempt to fly to you if you do not give them the attention they are seeking.

What does it mean when a bird keeps following you?

A Symbol of Protection and Guardianship In many ancient cultures that strongly believed in the universe using creatures to send messages, birds were considered guardians and protectors. Based on this fact, birds following you is a sign that your angels or higher power are watching and guiding your every move.

What does it mean when a lot of birds surround you?

A flock of birds flying in front of you is an exceptionally positive symbol! Spiritually, it means that something you have been hoping and working for is about to come to fruition. Something massive is about to happen in your life and change the whole trajectory in the best way imaginable.