why are birds so cute

Birds are buying alligator protection using baby bird sacrifice.

why are birds so cute

A recent study in PLoS One examines the complex coexistence of alligator and wading bird colonies in the Florida Everglades. Environmental scientists have long recognized that a mutually beneficial relationship known as “facilitation” plays a significant role in the success of both birds and alligators. For the sake of their own survival, the birds decide to build their nests in trees directly in the middle of alligator territory. Since their nests are beyond their choke zone, the local alligators concentrate on possum and raccoon prey that would typically consume bird eggs. Alligators keep the birds nests safe from predators.

Seldom did people ponder what the alligators gained from this arrangement. This new study aims to answer the question, “They can get raccoons anywhere, so why stick around bird colonies?”

It appears that alligators have two direct advantages. One is an indirect advantage: the abundance of nutrients in bird poop can enhance the area’s appeal to marine life in general, which could lead to more mouthwatering snacks for the gators. The other is a direct benefit. Generally speaking, wading birds spawn far more eggs than they can accommodate in a single nest. For the enjoyment of the alligators, adult birds discard extra chicks into the marshy waters below. That’s a lot of chicks when you have an entire colony of egrets.

The researchers discovered that alligators regularly congregate directly beneath the nests within chick-catching range by putting cameras close to bird nests in swamps (see below). It is evident that the alligators are hoping the adults will throw them a snack.

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why are birds so cute

why are birds so cute

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why are birds so cute


Why do people like birds so much?

As it turns out, there’s a scientific reason the activity brought us so much joy (aside from cuteness overload). Studies show that everyday encounters with birds can improve overall well-being and reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress.

Do birds love humans?

Do Birds Love Their Owners? While not all birds will form a close emotional bond with humans, some do, and they can be very loyal and affectionate pets. While it hasn’t been scientifically proven if birds can love or not, bird observes can see a bird’s affections through their personality and behavior.

Why are birds attractive?

Konrad Lorenz believes the attraction to birds comes from the fact that their movements are on approximately the same time scale as our own, the sounds they make are in our own hearing range, and, like us, their vocalizations and sense of hearing are used in social communication.