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The final five performed on “The Masked Dancer” on Wednesday night’s episode, with the Exotic Bird ultimately losing her head and being revealed as Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Jordin Sparks. The Season 6 winner of “American Idol” couldn’t quite fly across the finish line and panelists Paula Abdul and Ashley Tisdale both guessed it was the songstress shaking her tailfeather to “Opposites Attract.”

“They told me that [Paula] was gonna be on here and I was like, Paula knows me,” Jordin confessed during her unmasked interview with host Craig Robinson. “You know how I am on stage and all of that stuff. And I love you so much! So I was like, she’s gonna know it’s me. I wanna hug you but I know we can’t!”

“It was great,” Jordin replied when asked how it was to be the Exotic Bird. “It was freeing. I could just be anonymous and I love to dance, but doing it on stage like this is something I never thought that I could do. And also I can show my son that it’s okay to do things that scare you sometimes.”

Paula could spot Jordin inside the Exotic Bird costume for a couple of weeks and Ashley was quick to jump on Paula’s bandwagon to earn her first correct guess of the season. Brian Austin Green guessed that the Exotic Bird was model Ashley Graham, Ken Jeong thought she was another “Idol” alum, Jennifer Hudson and guest panelist Mayim Bialik went with rapper/talk show host Eve.

Helping Paula and Ashley to pick Jordin as the Exotic Bird were some very pointed hints in her clue packages. Bernie Sanders appeared because he was elected senator in 2007 – the same year that Jordin won “American Idol.” The tattoo in Exotic Bird’s package was a clue to Jordin’s song “Tattoo.” The number 6 in Exotic Bird’s performance was a clue to Jordin winning Season 6 of “American Idol.”

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Jordin’s clue packages included some very sharp hints that assisted Paula and Ashley in selecting her as the Exotic Bird. Because he was elected to the Senate in 2007—the year Jordin won “American Idol,” Bernie Sanders made an appearance. The tattoo in Exotic Bird’s package served as a hint to the song “Tattoo” by Jordin. “Exotic Bird’s performance of the number six served as a hint for Jordin to win Season 6 of “American Idol.” ”.

“They informed me that Paula would be appearing on this show, and I thought, ‘Paula is familiar with me,'” Jordin admitted in an open conversation with host Craig Robinson. “You are aware of my stage presence and other attributes.” And I’m so in love with you! I thought, She’s going to realize it’s me. I wanna hug you but I know we can’t!”.

On Wednesday night’s episode of “The Masked Dancer,” the final five performed; in the end, the Exotic Bird lost her head and revealed herself to be Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Jordin Sparks. Panelists Paula Abdul and Ashley Tisdale surmised that the Season 6 winner of “American Idol” was having trouble crossing the finish line, and she was probably shaking her tailfeather to the song “Opposites Attract.” ”.

For a few weeks, Paula was able to see Jordin wearing the Exotic Bird costume, and Ashley was fast to follow suit, earning her first accurate guess of the season. Ken Jeong assumed the Exotic Bird was another former “Idol” contestant, Jennifer Hudson and special guest panelist Mayim Bialik chose rapper and talk show host Eve, and Brian Austin Green surmised that the Exotic Bird was model Ashley Graham.


Exotic Bird represents a parakeet. She has an orange sparkling beak, black feathers, bright blue eyes with white lashes, white cheeks, blue feathers behind her eyes, and a variety of colored feathers on her head. She has pink feathers on her forearms, a blue sequin torso with pink sequin arms, and a collar made of blue, purple, and pink feathers. Lastly, she dons an orange feather skirt and pink high-heeled boots embellished with sequins. For Week 5, she wore an orange layered skirt.

Final Guesses[]

Week Brians Guess Mayims Guess Paulas Guess Kens Guess Ashleys Guess
6 Ashley Graham Eve Jordin Sparks Jennifer Hudson Jordin Sparks


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