where was yellow bird filmed

The story is about two young U.S. soldiers who navigate the terrors of the Iraq War. When only one of the soldiers returns home, he is tortured by a promise he made to the others mother before their deployment. The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 21, 2017. It was released on May 17, 2018, through DirecTV Cinema before being released in a limited release and through video on demand on June 15, 2018, by Saban Films.

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where was yellow bird filmed

Plot edit

The story alternates between flashbacks of U. S. Brandon Bartles, a soldier, talks about his time in Iraq with his friend Daniel “Murph” Murphy and his return to Richmond, Virginia. Only Bartle has returned, so it’s unclear what became of Murph. During Bartle’s initial encounter with Murph in basic training, he notes that both men are from Virginia. Bartle comes from a working-class background and is unsure of what he wants to do with his life, whereas Murph is a middle-class kid who wants to attend the University of Virginia after his service. Despite their differences, the two soldiers form a friendship. Before the men leave for Iraq, Bartle meets Maureen, Murph’s mother, at a party. She promises him that he will personally inform her if anything happens to her son.

Sergeant Sterling, an older and troubled soldier, is given command over the two soldiers in Iraq. Murph is gradually destroyed by the horrific circumstances of the encounter. After receiving medical attention from Jenny, a female medic, after he sustains an injury, Murph finds himself drawn to her. Every day, he observes Jenny from a distance while she takes care of patients, but he lacks the confidence to go up to her. When Jenny arrives at her post one day, Murph notices that she is obviously upset. Suddenly, the area is hit by bombs. Murph finds Jenny in the ensuing chaos, but she has severe injuries. He places Jenny’s body on a beam for burial with Bartle.

Currently, Bartle is dealing with PTSD and has a tense relationship with his mother Amy. Following an argument with his mother, he leaves the house and roams the town aimlessly. He walks toward a young couple he sees kissing in the woods, wading through a deep river where he gets submerged and almost drowns. The couple notices and calls the police. In the meantime, Maureen finds out where Bartle resides and visits him in the hopes of getting information about her son; Amy welcomes her and extends an invitation. Following his release from custody, Bartle is captured by CID officer Captain Anderson, who reveals to him that he has been looking into Murph’s disappearance. Bartle is informed by Anderson that Sterling has taken his own life.

After being imprisoned, Bartle calls his mother to express his regret for what he did. Maureen pays him a visit and demands that he reveal the truth about what transpired with her son. Bartle describes how Murph wandered away from the unit and vanished while the soldiers were conducting a sweep of an Iraqi village. An old hermit leads Bartle and Sterling to a minaret in search of Murph, where they discover the deceased man’s body, nearly castrated and naked, hidden behind a bush. Bartle decides with Sterling to dispose of the body in a river because he thinks Murph’s mother would not want to see her son’s body in such a condition. Bartle says, “Murph always wanted to disappear, and this is the way he would have wanted to go,” as he dumps his friend’s body into the water. To Bartle’s surprise, Sterling shoots the hermit after insisting that this must be kept a secret. When Maureen finds out the truth, she sobs and asks Bartle if there have ever been times when her son has been happy. Bartle reports that there was and describes a base holiday party where Murph desired to dance with Jenny but was too shy to approach her. Jenny noticed Murphy and approaches him, asking him to dance. As the movie comes to a close, Jenny and Murph are dancing slowly.

Production edit

The movie’s principal photography started in Morocco in October 2015[7][8][9] and ended on January 29, 2016. [10].


Is the Yellow Bird movie a true story?

The Yellow Birds is based on the experiences of the author, who served in the U.S. Army in Iraq. The book is classified as a novel, so it is fictional and draws on the imagination of the author; however, it is based on some of Powers’ experiences during his tour of duty.

Is the book Yellow Bird a true story?

Yellow Bird: Oil, Murder, and a Woman’s Search for Justice in Indian Country. The gripping true story of a murder on an Indian reservation, and the unforgettable Arikara woman who becomes obsessed with solving it—an urgent work of literary journalism.

What happened to Murphy in The Yellow Birds movie?

As the group prepares to leave, Bartle realizes that Murph hasn’t joined them. They search for hours. Eventually, a goat farmer leads Bartle and Sterling to Murph’s body. He’s been brutalized and castrated, and his eyes have been gouged out.

Why was the movie called The Yellow Birds?

But The Yellow Birds (named for the helicopters the troops fear will someday leave them behind) tells one story with more emotional impact than the others.