where to watch bird box 2

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Is there a trailer for Bird Box Barcelona?

Yes, the streaming behemoth released the most recent trailer for the movie in late June. The teaser follows Sebastian as he battles to survive after an enigmatic force causes people’s worst nightmares to come true through their vision. He forms alliances with other survivors to escape the city as the force grows more menacing throughout the teaser.

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Where to watch: Available to stream on Netflix

Type: Post-apocalyptic horror thriller; duration: one hour and fifty minutes; Directors: David Pastor and Àlex Pastor; Cast: Mario Casas, Alejandra Howard, and Georgina Campbell

In this spin-off sequel to 2018’s Bird Box, a small group of survivors battle to escape an apocalyptic world where alien beings capable of inciting people to commit suicide have invaded Earth. The survivors search for safety across Earth while donning blindfolds and other eye protection as a means of self-defense. Now in Spanish.

Do you have to watch Bird Box before watching Bird Box Barcelona?

No, you do not have to watch the original Bird Box film before tuning into Bird Box Barcelona. According to Netflix, the spinoff film is an extension of the OG and is set at the same time. In theory, while Sandra Bullock is fighting to stay alive in the US in the 2018 version, Bird Box Barcelona is occurring in the Spanish city at the same exact time.