where to see kiwi birds in queenstown

The Kiwi Park Story

The Kiwi Park, a former landfill that is now a haven, opened its doors in 1986. More than 20 native wildlife species call our area home, and they are all here as a result of Department of Conservation-managed conservation programs.

“With managed conservation projects and education, we hope to contribute to the protection and restoration of our native taonga species.” We offer a wildlife sanctuary and demonstrate conservation in an organic environment. Our goal is to give our guests hope that they can all contribute to protecting the environment and wildlife.

where to see kiwi birds in queenstown

where to see kiwi birds in queenstown

Kiwi Park is the Ultimate Family Destination for These 5 Reasons! Calling all families looking for excitement, adventure, and lifelong memories:

We are excited to share the news of our first kiwi chick’s hatching at Kiwi Park in Queenstown, a historic event.

Take a virtual tour with us to discover what it’s like to be a part of the action at Kiwi Park.

Fun for the whole family

Discover ultimate family fun at the Kiwi Park. Get up close and personal with New Zealand’s native wildlife through engaging encounters and educational talks. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!.

Experience an amazing Kiwi viewing while learning all there is to know about these intriguing birds from our knowledgeable wildlife team.

  • 10am DAILY
  • 12pm DAILY
  • 1pm DAILY
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  • 5pm DAILY

Take in this fascinating 30-minute free-flight show featuring some of our most fascinating and endangered wildlife up close and personal.

  • 11am DAILY
  • 1.30pm DAILY
  • 4pm DAILY

This engaging 30-minute free flight show allows you to get up close and personal with some of our most fascinating and endangered wildlife. This engaging show, which is put on by the park’s group of knowledgeable and dedicated animal keepers, will make you laugh, educate yourself, and realize how unique our native wildlife is and the dangers they face in the wild.


Can you see kiwi birds in Queenstown?

Explore our 5-acre oasis at the Kiwi Park. A family-owned and operated wildlife sanctuary in the heart of Queenstown, dedicated to saving our endangered wildlife species. We have over 20 species of native wildlife on display, including New Zealand’s national icon, the kiwi and our living fossil, the Tuatara.

How long to spend at Kiwi Park Queenstown?

Visiting our park takes about 1.5 – 2 hours, including Kiwi Encounters (15-20 mins), Conservation Shows (30 mins) and a self-guided audio tour of the park (1 hour).

Is Kiwi Park worth it?

Very good park to visit to learn all about the kiwis plus other native NZ species and how they are trying to stop/eliminate the introduced animals that have devastated their numbers. It was a cold and rainy day when we went but it didn’t stop us from seeing everything.