where to put dead bird

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The following are suggestions to lessen the risk of avian influenza spreading to people who may need to pick up dead birds on their property, given the concern about avian influenza in wild birds (especially waterfowl, aquatic birds, and birds of prey). Even though handling dead birds is not likely to cause infection in humans, it is still advisable to exercise caution.

Things You Should Know

  • Select a location in your yard with no underground pipes. Avoid burying the bird in gardens to deter scavenger animals.
  • Dig the hole at least 2 ft (0. 61 m) deep and place the bird inside. Next, to protect it, fill in the hole and cover it with stones.
  • When handling the bird, put on gloves and wash your hands with soap and water.


  • Question I have my pet bird in a box on my back porch, and she recently passed away. Since I reside in a townhouse, I’m not sure where to bury her. How should I proceed? Hayley Heartfield, a bird specialist, is the proprietor of About Birds, a pet bird store located in Montgomery County, Texas. Hayley specializes in pet bird care, behavior, training, and breeding. Hayley studied Animal Science at Texas A&M. In addition to carrying a wide variety of bird species, About Birds also provides boarding, grooming, and bird care supplies. Hayley Heartfield Bird Specialist Expert Response Speak with the authorities to find the closest area that is permitted by law to be buried. Next, dig a hole big enough to accommodate the animal and bury it.
  • Question What if it’s a baby bird? Community Response Use a smaller box and follow the above instructions.
  • Question: My parakeet died, and the other one isn’t eating anymore. Community Answer: Could it be that your other parakeet is genuinely grieving for the one that passed away? Give your bird lots of love and attention and spend a lot of time with it. Maybe think about getting a second parakeet in the future to keep yours company.
  • You can store a pet bird in the freezer until it gets warm enough to perform the burial if the ground is too frozen to dig a grave. (Just make sure the bird is securely wrapped to prevent it from coming into contact with any food.) ) You might also think about taking your pet to the veterinarian to be cremated or burying it in a pet cemetery. [8] Thanks Helpful 3 Not Helpful 0 .
  • It is acceptable to wrap a dead bird in plastic and throw it out with your trash if you are unable to bury it. Thanks Helpful 2 Not Helpful 2 .
  • A cardboard box won’t last long enough as a coffin for your bird; it will break down rapidly.
  • Instead of creating a grave, place it inside a birdhouse to keep it safe from scavengers.
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What to do with my dead bird?

Use disposable waterproof gloves and/or an inverted plastic bag to pick up the dead bird(s). Double the plastic bag with the bird(s) inside and dispose in the trash where it cannot be accessed by children or animals. Consider wearing a raincoat or disposable plastic trash bag over your clothes.

Can I leave a dead bird in my yard?

A burial may seem appropriate, but leaving the body in the open gives another animal (or animals) access to an easy meal. If you aren’t sure how the bird died, it is best to dispose of it in the trash as quickly as possible to ensure that no other animals in your yard come into contact with the deceased bird.

Is it OK to bury dead bird?

Most of the time, it is fine to bury a wild bird on your property without reporting it, but in some cases, municipalities ask residents to report dead birds, especially during times of epidemic. If you are unsure whether any such rules apply in your area, contact your local department of public health.

Should I remove a dead bird?

If you find a dead bird and are aware of a disease outbreak or you are concerned about health issues, contact your local or county health department or the National Wildlife Health Center. With their permission, you may proceed in collecting or disposing of the dead bird as they direct you to.