where to farm birds elden ring

By using a simple trick to repeatedly defeat the monstrous bird in Mohgwyn Palace, players can easily get loads of runes in Elden Ring.

Four-Toed Fowl Foot Guide for Elden Ring

The following items can be crafted with Four-Toed Fowl Foot:

Four-Toed Fowl Foot Location in Elden Ring

Enemy Drop rate Additional info
Guillemot 25.00%
Eagle 8.00%
  • Unpassable Greatbridge: Immediately southeast of the graceful arch are three Guillemots. Litany of Proper Death and Gravitas are very effective. Bestial Sling and Barrage are some good alternatives. Very fast route.
  • Cathedral of Dragon Communion: A short distance west of the site of grace are five more Guillemots, and three more are perched on a cliff nearby. With a bow, these eight birds can be raised on Torrent in under 30 seconds.
  • Fourth Church of Marika: Use ranged attacks to eliminate all 17 guillemots that are present by descending to the beach northwest of the Site of Grace. A single run takes around 1 minute 30 seconds.
  • Church of Elleh: Proceed straight west, slaying Eagles all the way to a precipice. Proceed safely down the cliffs to the west to reach another cube-shaped ruin with seven Eagles, and drop down onto the cube-shaped ruin to find six Guillemots. Continue north along the beach to find more birds. Use ranged attacks to prevent them from flying away. In the first cube-shaped ruin, the majority of Guillemots fall, which reduces the route’s efficiency.

In the Mohgwyn Palace, there are two incredible locations for rune farms, but only one of them is worth farming if you get the weapon reward from the last boss. The second position entails manipulating a massive bird’s AI to cause it to perish and receive some bonus runes. Due to the Mohgwyn Palace area’s high scaling, players can farm the bird Mohgwyn Palace and earn a respectable amount of runes. To find out where the birds are and how to get there, keep reading this guide.

Approximately 11,000 runes will be awarded to you once the bird falls. The bird will then respawn if you rest at the site of grace. Rinse and repeat as necessary to get the desired number of runes. Gamers can also equip themselves with the Golden Scarab talisman to accelerate their acquisition by 2020 percent and consume a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot to accelerate it even more by 2040 percent.

Proceed to the west side of the cliff’s edge from here. From there, you can see a massive, blood-covered bird that is roving the lake. Prepare the bow, point the arrow at the bird, and shoot. The bird will begin to run toward you after it hits and will then tumble off the cliff. You may need to roll back a few times in order to get it to fall if it doesn’t fall off the cliff.

Runes are always needed by regular players to level up their preferred stats. Although Elden Ring bosses do drop a fair amount of runes, eventually a boss will only result in a small number of level boosts. Because of this, rune farming is a well-liked trend in the community, and players have found a lot of amazing places to rune farm.

This trick requires a bow and a large number of arrows. Both require very few runes and are simple to obtain. The Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold sell longbows, and Merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh, Limgrave, sells an infinite supply of arrows. After acquiring a bow and arrows, proceed to the site of grace on Palace Approach Ledge-Road.


Where is the best place to farm Guillemot?

Players can encounter Guillemots roaming the beaches of Western Limgrave. There are several on the west beach of the Weeping Peninsula. There are eight located east and northeast of the Church of Dragon Communion grace. This is the best farming spot, but you have to use a Bow.