where the birds always sing

No, the world is neither just nor unjust, and though growing up so much unfinished is a tragedy for everyone, it doesn’t speak of a plan or any secret thing, no unseen sign or untold truth in anything, but living on in others, in memories, and in dreams Is not enough You want everything Another world where the sun always shines and the birds always sing Always sing, but the world is neither fair nor unfair, the idea is just a way for us to understand No, the world is neither fair nor unfair, and some survive And others die And you always want an explanation for why, but it’s neither just nor unjust


Where do birds sing from?

Birds sing using a specialized organ called the syrinx. The syrinx is similar to our larynx, but whereas the larynx consists of one air passage, the syrinx branches into two tubes like an upside-down Y. Air flowing over vibrating membranes and cartilage near the intersection of these tubes generates sounds.

Why are birds so vocal?

Birdsongs serve two main purposes for their singers: to defend territories and woo mates. Songs often carry long distances and display the singer’s health and vigor, warning away potential competitors and attracting potential partners.

Why do birds have so many songs?

The reason must be a very good one, because making a lot of noise draws attention to a bird and makes it more noticeable to predators. Bird song has two main functions: to defend a territory and to attract a mate. Male birds do these things, so, throughout the bird world, it is usually the males singing the songs.

Do birds sing on pitch?

Existing research points to one main conclusion: Birdsong is structured like human music. Songbirds change their tempo (speed), pitch (how high or low they sing) and timbre (tone) to sing tunes that resemble our own melodies.