where is the bird farm

By using a simple trick to repeatedly defeat the monstrous bird in Mohgwyn Palace, players can easily get loads of runes in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Giant Bird Rune Farm Location

where is the bird farm

As previously stated, there are two ways to get to Mohgwyn Palace, where this rune farm is situated. Through a portal, you can easily access Mohgwyn Palace if you’ve advanced far enough in the game and have already unlocked the Mountaintops of the Giants. All you have to do is go to the designated spot on the map below to discover a portal. Once you pass through the portal, you will come across a boss in a passage. Ignore it and carry on until you arrive at Mohgwyn Palace.

There is still a path to the palace if you haven’t yet arrived at Mountaintops of the Giants, but you must first overcome Godrick, the Grafted. He is the second campaign boss at Stormveil Castle. Once you have vanquished him, you must initiate the White-Faced Varre quest. He is the same NPC that you first spoke with when you arrived in Limgrave at the start of the game. Yes, the one who referred to you as “Maidenless!” Following his victory over Godrick, he will be at Liurnia the Lakes’ Rose Church.

Talking to him will award you with three Bloody Fingers. Utilize them all to triple-attack other players’ worlds. It doesnt matter if you kill your opponents or die. Return to Varre now and have another conversation with him. He’ll give you a cloth and instruct you to soak it in the blood of a maiden. You should go to Four Belfiries in Liurnia of the Lakes for this. There are a number of shrines in this area. Proceed to the final shrine located at the summit of the village. Take the Imbued Sword Key out of the chest in front of it.

where is the bird farm

Return now to the shrine that is directly in front of the one you are at. The portal will open when you use the Imbued key on the Imbued statue. You can access the starting area of the game by traveling through the portal. Once you eliminate a boss, proceed towards the interior of the church. There’s a corpse to the left as soon as you enter the church. Take the cloth back to Varre at Rose Church after soaking it in that blood.

Repeatedly speak with Varre will grant you the Pureblood Knights Medal. After using the medal, Mohgwyn Palace will be where you spawn.

Elden Ring’s character advancement system is centered on using runes to level up stats. As players want to experiment with different kinds of equipment and the Tarnished advance to more challenging bosses, increasing stats becomes essential. Although it is not impossible to beat the game at level 1, only seasoned players have been known to take on this kind of challenge in the Soulsborne realm.

Proceed to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of grace, which is on the far eastern side, after arriving at Mohgwyn Palace. You will spawn close to this grace site if you use the teleporter in Consecrated Snowfield. But in order to get there, if you’ve advanced Varre’s questline, you’ll need to cross the Lake of Blood. Many albinaurics can be seen on the path along the route. Once you have the Sacred Relic Sword, you can use Wave of Gold, a weapon skill, to farm these albinaurics. However, there is a farming area adjacent to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of grace for those without the weapon.

This trick requires a bow and a large number of arrows. Both require very few runes and are simple to obtain. The Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold sell longbows, and Merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh, Limgrave, sells an infinite supply of arrows. After acquiring a bow and arrows, proceed to the site of grace on Palace Approach Ledge-Road.

Players can obtain a lot of runes in Elden Ring by easily defeating the monstrous bird in Mohgwyn Palace with a straightforward trick.

In the Mohgwyn Palace, there are two incredible locations for rune farms, but only one of them is worth farming if you get the weapon reward from the last boss. The second position entails manipulating a massive bird’s AI to cause it to perish and receive some bonus runes. Due to the Mohgwyn Palace area’s high scaling, players can farm the bird Mohgwyn Palace and earn a respectable amount of runes. To find out where the birds are and how to get there, keep reading this guide.


Where is the bird in Elden Ring?

The closest Deathbird to the starting area of Elden Ring, the one found to the east of the Warmaster’s Site of Grace in Limgrave gives a good example of what’s to come when facing these enemies. Big, creepy birds that are way faster than should be possible, you would think the best decision would be to stay mounted.

How do you get to the bird in Mohgwyn Palace?

After obtaining bow and arrows, head to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road site of grace. Your browser does not support the video tag. From here, go to the edge of the cliff on the west side. From there, you can spot a giant bloody bird roaming in the blood-filled lake.