when to discuss birds and bees

Be accurate in your words

Try to use precise language when describing sexual organs, just as we would when describing an elbow, a nose, or a leg. Additionally, it’s crucial to describe the procedure accurately; therefore, stay away from using stork talk.

Using precise language and responses will only make the information easier for them to understand. Knowing the actual terms will save everyone later on by preventing the need to go back and clarify things.

Considering the distinct responses required for every age group, the actual topics you discuss will differ significantly based on the child’s age. Particularly, what you say will also differ substantially based on your personal experiences, cultural values, and religious convictions. Here are some subjects for which you might want to be ready:

How to bring it up

These discussions can frequently happen at any time because they ought to occur on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to take place at the kitchen table with all the books. The setting for these talks can be anywhere. There are benefits to having conversations in the car rather than in person at the dinner table.

  • Look for teachable moments: These are excellent opportunities to maintain a natural flow of conversation. It may also lessen the emphasis on how important the subject is. Talking about their preferred TV series or film, a book they’re reading, or even song lyrics can accomplish this. These seemingly unconnected information sources can start wonderful conversations with your child.
  • If they bring it up and you arent ready. It’s okay to not have all the answers. Often, your child may bring it up unexpectedly. It’s OK to not have the answers at that moment. Recognize when to stop and resume the conversation at a later time. Tell your child that you appreciate their inquiry, that it’s important, and that you would like to talk about it, but that you would prefer to do so at a later time. After that, when you’re more psychologically prepared to discuss it again, you can conduct additional research and bring it up.

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