when the yellow bird sings

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when the yellow bird sings

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Finalist for the National Jewish Book Award, Honor Book at the Massachusetts Book Awards, Best Historical Fiction Book on Goodreads, and Must-Read Book at the Massachusetts Book Awards “Rosner’s stunning, heartbreaking debut novel proves there’s always space for another World War II story.” This is a really lovely and important book about the relationship between a mother and her daughter, the sacrifices made for love, and heartbreak mixed with hope. “Jennifer Rosner captures readers’ attention right away. They will empathize with Róza and Shira and be inspired by Róza’s bravery and tenacity as she confronts life without her daughter and releases her to save her, akin to a bird released from a cage.”—The New York Times ”—The Missourian “Prepare to have your heart broken. —Good Housekeeping “My top reading recommendation is The Yellow Bird Sings. —Elle “A study on the power of a mother’s love, music, and imagination” The narrative of an enduring relationship between a mother and her child is woven together with themes of love, empathy, fear, and a yellow songbird. It is both satisfying and endearing. The novel demonstrates Ms. Rosner’s deep understanding of the terrors of the Holocaust. “The book will help you escape the drudgery of solitude in your own home—and remember past beacons of hope during troubling times,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said. ”—ReadersDigest. com “A gripping page-turner that will satisfy readers in any book club and delight music enthusiasts “The strength of a mother-daughter bond is beautifully portrayed against the backdrop of 1941 Poland,” said Hadassah Magazine. The Yellow Bird Sings, written in exquisitely subdued prose and laced with magical elements, is about the relationships between mothers and daughters and the enduring power of music and storytelling even in the most tragic of circumstances. —WBUR’s The ARTery The Yellow Bird Sings drew at all of my heartstrings and then added more just to tug at those as well. ”—Chronogram Melancholic and melodic, Rosner’s story captures the persistence of hope even when it seems like hopelessness is all that’s left. It’s possibly the most devastating and moving WWII book since Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief. Paperback Paris “Rosner offers a vivid, poignant portrait of the mother-daughter relationship while also challenging the Holocaust with a hint of magic (the yellow bird appears throughout). The Yellow Bird Sings keeps your heart in your throat and your eyes pricked with tears as it portrays two souls in turmoil—Shira and Roza. Rosner chronicles their grief as well as their strength of will to overcome, their longing, and even surprising triumphs. This magnificent debut novel sings with the power of a mother’s love and the heartbreaking risks she will face,” according to BookPage’s starred review. —Booklist “A Room-like twist on a World War II tale that also skillfully explores the ways in which creativity and art can uplift us… This Holocaust novel is also a powerful piece of suspense, and Rosner’s comprehension of the role that art plays in our lives, even in the darkest of circumstances, is astounding. ”—Kirkus “Moving…A wrenching chronicle. ”—Publishers Weekly “A beautiful book in so many ways. Jennifer Rosner’s prose is melodious and lyrical, much like Shira’s imaginary bird, but her story of the terrible personal reality of war is compelling, heartbreaking, and incredibly real. Before We Were Yours and Before and After author Lisa Wingate said, “Music and love run through this gorgeous novel, twin rivers of wonder. A book written by Jennifer Rosner will shatter your heart and then piece it back together, albeit a little bigger than before. —Alex George, A Good American author “Excellently written and incredibly moving” This year, if you read only one book, make it The Yellow Bird Sings. Alongside Code Name Verity and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Jennifer Rosner’s book is one of those incredibly unique World War Two books that you just know you will never forget. It is a lovely story with achingly memorable characters. ”—AJ Pearce, author of Dear Mrs. Bird “A masterfully crafted story about mothers and daughters, love and war, and the sound of life and death.” “A compelling story about the power of music, the human voice, and what we sacrifice in order to survive extraordinary circumstances”—Kate Quinn, author of The Huntress and The Alice Network Absolutely riveting. “An incredible first book, full of beauty, hope, and heart”—Ramona Ausubel, author of Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty and No One Is Here Except All of Us The Last Train to London author Meg Waite Clayton said, “A brilliant and engrossing novel.” Mercury and The Flight of Gemma Hardy author Margot Livesey said, “An incredibly beautiful and moving novel of the human heart.” It is a deep and moving tale of the resilience of love and hope in the face of danger. ” —David Gillham, author of City of Women.

Finalist for the National Jewish Book Award “There will always be space for another World War II story thanks to Rosner’s beautiful, heartbreaking debut novel.” This is a really lovely and important book about the relationship between a mother and her daughter, the sacrifices made for love, and heartbreak mixed with hope. “—The New York Times A mother hides in Poland during World War II with her young daughter, a musical prodigy, whose tiniest note could endanger their lives.” Róza and her 5-year-old daughter Shira escape as Nazi soldiers round up the Jews in their town, taking refuge in a neighbor’s barn. Shira fights day and night to remain motionless and silent while the farmyard outside calls to her and music fills her heart. She is hidden in the hayloft. Róza tells her daughter a story about a girl in an enchanted garden to pass the time and calm her down. The girl is forbidden from making any noise, so the yellow bird sings. He sings whatever the girl imagines in her mind, whether it be low-pitched growls on the contrabassoon or high-pitched trills on the piccolo. Music helps the flowers bloom. Róza is able to protect Shira from the horrors in their imaginary world. However, the day arrives when their safe haven is no longer protected, and Róza is forced to make the difficult decision of whether to keep Shira by her side or give her the opportunity to survive separately. The stunning novel about the unbreakable bond between a mother and a daughter, Jennifer Rosner’s debut, is inspired by the true stories of Jewish children hidden during World War II. The Yellow Bird Sings is a stunning and captivating story that proves hope always triumphs, even in the most dire circumstances.


Is the yellow bird sings Based on a true story?

Inspired by stories of hidden children during the Holocaust, The Yellow Bird Sings by Jennifer Rosner is the heartrending story of the widowed Roza and her daughter Shira on the run in Nazi occupied Poland.

What is the yellow bird sings quote?

The quote from The Yellow Bird Sings, “In the silence, we can find the strength to carry on, guided by the melodies in our hearts,” beautifully captures the power of inner resilience and the solace that music can provide.

Is the yellow birds based on a true story?

The Yellow Birds is based on the experiences of the author, who served in the U.S. Army in Iraq. The book is classified as a novel, so it is fictional and draws on the imagination of the author; however, it is based on some of Powers’ experiences during his tour of duty.