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This reader created solar eclipse gift baskets thanks to a few money-saving deals.

On April 8, there will be a total solar eclipse that the Hip community hopes will be extraordinary. The eclipse’s path will cross over 13 states, and people are getting ready for what looks to be an exciting and memorable event nationwide.

Kyra, this week’s Happy Friday reader, had a great idea for a way to celebrate: she made gift baskets with an eclipse theme to give to her crew.

We love this idea, Kyra!

These snack-filled gift baskets might wind up taking center stage despite the eclipse happening! ✨

We found it extremely creative that you included space-themed goodies in each basket, such as Milky Way bars, Sunny D, Sun Chips, Eclipse gum, and even Oreos coated to resemble an eclipse.

You are very kind to make these for your friends and family, so we appreciate you taking the time to share your goody baskets with us! .

Want to celebrate the eclipse like Kyra?

You’re going to need some solar glasses, like Kyra, in order to see the eclipse. This is due to the fact that directly viewing an eclipse can seriously harm your eyes. For information on the eclipse and where to get solar glasses for sale or free, see our most recent post about the eclipse.

If you would like to create your own goody bags, consider taking advantage of some of the following current offers:

If you’re not finding too many deals on food items, consider scooping up space-themed toys like galaxy bouncing balls or stickers.

You can also still score a discount at Joann’s on their magnet paper. Plus, Joann’s has several coupons you can use. You may be able to find coupons for your local Michaels too!

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