when do killdeer bird eggs hatch

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While hunting insects or other invertebrates, the killdeer moves erratically and begins Every time they stop, they always bob their heads up and down as though they are experiencing severe hiccups. They are actually pumping their tails, and the head follows suit. It’s a joy to watch them.

Killdeer are high-strung birds. If they’ve noticed you close, you might see them perform a tense and funny dance in which two Killdeer approach and pause to bob their heads. They then pass each other side by side, but then they stop, turn to face each other again, bob their heads, and repeat the sequence.

Killdeer may have from one to three broods per season. I’d like to think that the same Killdeer couple was trying again because this nest was located very close to the site of the first nest. Though I can’t verify it, my intuition leads me to believe that. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?.

I hastily took a picture of the lone egg in this first nest to show that the laying had just started before I withdrew. You can only imagine how happy I was with my good fortune: in about 30 days, I would have a good vantage point at the top of the slope from which to observe ongoing nest activity and possibly take pictures of a brood of 4-6 chicks.

The deer started showing up on the mudflats surrounding a lake close to my house in the oak woodlands south of Yosemite National Park this past April. I was really hoping to take pictures of their young and nesting behavior. Here is my story of the mating of three pairs, five nests, twelve eggs, and seven chicks. It’s complicated, so sit down, relax, and read on.


What month do killdeer eggs hatch?

Charadrius vociferus This bird lays a clutch of four to six buff to beige eggs with dark markings. The breeding season (starting with egg-laying) occurs from mid-March to August, with later timing of egg-laying in the northern portion of the range. Both parents incubate the eggs for 22 to 28 days typically.

Do Killdeer leave their eggs unattended?

The female lays four eggs, over a period of about a week. She mostly leaves them alone until the last one arrives. Meanwhile, the mother goes and gets some snacks or spends quality time with her mate before they get down to incubating the eggs. Even then the parents may leave the nest unattended from time to time.

Why do killdeer lay their eggs on the ground?

Unlike many birds, a killdeer builds its nest on the ground. In order to protect the nest and young, a killdeer will build in an area resembling the buff-colored and spotted eggs, making graveled driveways and open dried fields prime locations for nest sites.

Do killdeer sit on their eggs at night?

The birds stand over the eggs during the day and only actually sit on them after the sun goes down. At least this gave me a chance for an image of the Killdeer with the eggs.