what’s the national bird of nigeria

The national symbols of Nigeria are official and unofficial flags, icons or cultural expressions that are emblematic, representative or otherwise characteristic of Nigeria and of its culture.

Official and unofficial flags, icons, or other cultural expressions that are emblematic, representative, or otherwise characteristic of Nigeria and its culture are considered the country’s national symbols.

Both the black-crowned and its closely related grey-crowned cranes favor living in damp areas like wetlands. The habitat is ideal for supplying the crane with food, which includes reptiles, small mammals, and insects. Insects eaten include grasshoppers, millipedes, amphibians, crabs and others. Sometimes, they also eat grains and grass seeds.

Unfortunately, because of overhunting and habitat destruction, this bird is listed as endangered. Some hunt them for the bushmeat they desire, while others do it for the money they can fetch. In order to protect the bird, the government has not allocated sufficient funding.

As stated earlier, these birds make their nests in trees. The nests are formed haphazardly from vegetation around the habitat. The time frame for laying eggs and building nests is from July to October. Subsequently, the female, upon reaching adulthood after four years, deposits two to five eggs, which will undergo incubation for a duration of 28 to 31 days. Both parents closely guard the eggs until they hatch. Following that, for 60 to 100 days, the parents and hatchlings live and feed together.

An average black crowned crane’s length is about three 3 feet with a massive wingspan of around 6. 2 feet. The birds weigh about eight pounds on average, with males being larger than females. The bird’s plumage varies in color from dark grey to black, featuring white feathers at the tip of each wing. They have a tiny red-skinned pouch below the chin. The crane uses this pouch to make booming sounds. The toes and the legs are completely black. Younger ones differ in that they have a brown nape and crown and vary in color from grey to brown.

The black-crowned crane, which is a member of the Gruidae family of cranes, inhabits the arid African Savannah, which is located south of the Sahara Desert. More precisely, the vast area that separates Senegal and Chad is probably where the bird can be found. This particular bird is one of the two species of cranes that can build their nests in trees.


What is the national animal in Nigeria?

Name of animal
Scientific name
Eagle, Black Crowned Crane
Haliaeetus leucocephalus, Balearica pavonina
North Korea
Lion (royal national animal)
Panthera leo
White-throated dipper (national bird)
Cinclus cinclus

What bird represents Nigeria?

Name of bird
Official status
Black crowned crane
Northern Ireland
Eurasian oystercatcher
North Korea
Northern goshawk
White-throated dipper

What is the national symbol of Nigeria?

The coat of arms of Nigeria consists of a black shield with a wavy white pall, symbolizing the meeting of the Niger and Benue Rivers at Lokoja. The black shield represents Nigeria’s fertile soil, while the two supporting horses or chargers on each side represent dignity.

What is the national bird of Africa?

The Springbok represents speed and perseverance. The Blue Crane is Africa’s national bird and is an interesting choice because this species is indigenous to the country. Cranes represent grace.