what to do if you hit a bird

(On my phone) I was taking the long, winding route back to work. I had a great day because there were beautiful storm clouds in the sky, a nice breeze, and everything was so peaceful. There was a bird in the middle of the road as I turned a bend. I tried to slow down because there was no one behind me, and the bird flew away, but it tried to fly in the same direction as my car. I saw it just as its body flew over my head after hearing the thump. land in the ground so heavily. I cant believe Ive did that. I took that away from this creature because all it does in life is fly through that vast sky and be free. I just started crying right away and called my closest friend without even stopping. I was terrified that when I returned to assist it, I would see blood. seeing its body. I killed it and I cant stop crying. Look at me, this human, in this swiftly moving metal device, destroying everything that is good and natural. How can I recover from this? I feel so devastated. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

When you come to a safe stop, activate your emergency flashers by pulling over. Getting the bird from the roadside into the bag or box is the next challenge. Ideally, two people should approach the road from opposite directions so that, should the bird attempt to escape, it will be running away from the traffic rather than towards it. Toss the towel over the bird, then, if it has strong claws, talons, or a beak, pick it up with gloves, put it in the bag, roll it closed, and fasten it with paper clips. Just folding the top down of a paper sandwich bag may be sufficient to keep a sparrow or warbler inside, but using a paper clip offers additional security if you don’t want the bird flying around your car while you’re driving. Try to gently press a wing against the body that is as similar to the other wing as you can if it is dangling and the bird isn’t struggling too much. Then, wrap Vet Wrap or a towel around the bird to secure the wing in place. Take care not to wrap too tightly because this can suffocate the bird because they breathe through air sacs that occupy a lot of space in their bodies. It’s preferable to leave the wing and simply put the bird in the bag if you’re unsure about doing this.

If possible, drive directly to a rehab facility. The people there will require your name, the time and location of the bird’s discovery, and, if you know, the cause of the bird’s injuries. Rehab centers rely on donations from people like you because they are unable to charge a fee for admitting birds and only occasionally receive government funding for specific conservation or research projects.

Even though you might not need this rescue kit, having it will come in handy if you come across an injured bird. It was a blessing that I had a big bath towel in my car when I saw a fledgling Peregrine Falcon grounded in downtown Duluth. She only required minor help to return to her nest box on the roof. She was soaring over the city in flawless form a week later.

The majority of birds hit by cars perish instantly, but some live for a while. Struggling, injured birds near a highway can divert attention from motorists, resulting in collisions. Many times, even the best rehabilitation center cannot heal a bird’s injuries because they are too severe, but other birds can recover fully with timely care. Dead and dying birds that are left by the side of the road attract scavengers and predators, who may then be struck by passing cars.

Place all of these supplies in a medium-sized cardboard box so you’ll have it handy for when you come across a bird that’s too big or powerful for a paper bag. You should always have the phone numbers of the state highway patrol, the department of natural resources, and the closest wildlife rehabilitation center written down on the box of your cell phone.


What if I hit a bird with my car?

Hitting a bird while driving can have spiritual meanings, such as endings and potential illness or an angel’s visit or message. It can also symbolize unhappiness or a call for attention, ongoing problems in your life, or the destruction of a bad omen.

Can a bird survive after being hit by a car?

Most birds struck by cars die very quickly, but some survive for a while. Injured, struggling birds along a highway can distract drivers, leading to accidents.

How long will a bird stay stunned?

Often the bird will only need a couple of minutes to recover. You should stay to watch the bird and ensure that no predators attack it before it recovers. If it does not recover within five or six minutes you should be more proactive.

What should you do if you accidentally hit a bird?

For an unconscious bird, carefully remove it from the ground and place it into an open box, if it is possible, give it water, then walk away but keep an eye on the box so you can keep predator’s away, it will wake up and fly away, however this could require many hours, the bird won’t even thank you.