what is the yellow angry birds name

Lazer Bird

Chuck can transform into Lazer Bird by traveling through some sort of extraterrestrial wormhole. Most of his abilities remain the same. This transformation first appeared in Angry Birds Space.

Powers and abilities

Chuck is notable for his incredible speed. Called “the fastest bird in the world,”[8] he can do amazing feats with his speed, like boosting through the air, stopping time, and creating shock waves that burst balloons nearby. [9] In addition, he moves so quickly that it appears to the unaided eye that he is teleporting whenever he runs. [10] He can also react to lightning and dodge it. [note 3] Although his maximum speed is unknown, he has traveled from the Cobalt Plateaus to Pig City in a matter of seconds, retrieving the eggs just before they were to be placed in a hot cauldron and carrying them back to the plateaus. [11] Chuck also has quick reflexes, enabling him to respond to practically anything with speed.

Chuck is also renowned, albeit less so, for being a skilled wizard and an authority on alchemy. He has the ability to call forth clouds that can charge lightning, acid rain, and healing rains. This allows him to strike multiple enemies at once or, in the case of the healing rains, heal his allies and neutralize their harmful effects. Furthermore, he has the ability to call forth a cluster of lightning spheres that can shield his intended ally, as well as replicate an ally to launch an attack on an adversary before vanishing. Chuck is also an expert at driving karts. He can easily drive extremely fast karts thanks to his quick reflexes; he has even driven through tight, sharp curves without slowing down at all. He is also an expert at creating and maintaining them; in fact, he quickly rebuilt a kart from scratch. [9].

Chuck’s biographical details include other names, including “Yellow Bird Matt Woody” (by Great Eagle), species, gender, home, and special ability to travel at supersonic speed. He also has personal information about his family, including “Silver,” his younger sister, Matilda, Mighty Eagle, Terence, Stella, Poppy, Bobby, Bubbles, Cyrus, Dahlia, Early Bird, Edward, Eva, Hal, Hatchlings, Helene, Hug Trader, the Blues, Judge Peckinpah, Mime, Phillip, The Eggs, Timothy, Enemies King Mudbeard/Leanord, and The Pigs Abilities Speed Other information Portrayed by Josh Gadd, Debut Appearance in the Angry Birds Movie He is a yellow bird that is closest to Red and Bomb. Chuck is also known for being notoriously fast.


What is the yellow bird in Angry Birds?

Chuck (also known as the Yellow Bird) is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Bomb) of the Angry Birds series.

What is the yellow angry bird in real life?

The Yellow Angry Bird is an American Goldfinch. In the game, it’s special ability is to have sudden short bursts of speed.

What is the yellow angry bird that blows up?

Bomb is most notable for his ability of exploding like a real bomb, hence his name.

What are the names of the birds in Angry Birds?

Terrence – the massive red bird that’s the most silent and the most destructive. Bomb – the round black bird that has a short temper and explodes when he lose it. Hal – the green Emerald toucanet, considered as the most friendly of The Flock, and consistently shown to love adventure and plays the banjo as a hobby.