what is the best heated bird bath

Other Heated Bird Baths We Recommend

  • This 20-inch heated bird bath has mount hardware that enables tilting and lifting for easy upkeep.
  • EZ-Tilt Deck Mount makes cleaning, emptying and storing simple. Did we mention that it Lifts and Tilts?!.
  • Mounts to either a 2×4? or 2×6? deck rail.
  • A two-inch depth works best for most birds, and a gentle slope promotes bathing.
  • Weather resistant construction for years of use.
  • 150 watts, 120 volts, 60 Hz.

Weight: 5. 50 lbs Dimensions: 20. 75 (D) x 4. 50 (W) x 20. 50 (H) inches.

All-seasons decorative heated birdbath with easy twist-on deck mount. Scalloped edges and a concealed electrical connection make the compression molded design suitable for year-round use. Weight: 7. 75 lbs Dimensions: 18. 50 (D) x 13. 50 (W) x 4. 13 (H) inches.

Heated Bird Baths We Recommend

The Backyard Naturalist has specific preferences for de-icers and heated bird baths. Here are the main reasons we suggest Erva Heated Bird Baths so often:

  • Energy efficient and money saving!
  • 60 watt heating element is controlled with thermostat.
  • Made with material certified as flame retardant and non-toxic. Guaranteed BPA-free.
  • Heating elements are fully insulated, sending heat directly upwards.
  • Full insulation prevents condensation that can corrode electrical contacts.
  • Thermostatically controlled, operates only when necessary. Costs only pennies to operate.
  • Provides accessible water for your birds down to -20°F!

Extreme temperature warning: When temperatures drop to extremely low levels (such as -20°F and below), icing may form on the water’s surface. This is especially true if wind chill is taken into account. This is normal at such extremes. Remember that the heater is only using 60 watts to keep the water from freezing solid, so it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s broken.

Dish is 14” in diameter. It nests in a clamp mount gray granite ring.

Dish is 14” in diameter. It nests in a clamp mount gray granite ring.

what is the best heated bird bath

Dish is 14” in diameter. It nests in a steel wire ring that’s powdercoated black.

This 14-inch diameter, 1-¼” deep container can hold more than ¾ of a gallon of water. Fits any 14? Bird bath Ring. Designed to be used with our ground level bath support rings, clamp, or pole It is not advised to put them on the ground or in sizable bird bath bowls that could overflow with water. Possible water seepage will damage it.

14” diameter and 1-1/4? deep. plastic bird bath dish. Green. Holds over 3/4 of a gallon of water.

Dish is 14” in diameter. It nests in a clamp mount gray granite ring. Weight: 8. 66 lbs.

Heated Bird Baths and De-Icers

There are several advantages to heated bird baths and de-icers for you, your backyard birds, and even the bird bath itself. Here’s why:

  • The biggest benefit for you and your family. The delight of drawing various birds to your backyard during the winter Find out more here.
  • Birds need water all year round, but especially in winter. For more information, see ‘Wild Birds, Winter and Water.’ Your ice-free bird bath may save a bird’s life!
  • Consistent heat (regulated by a thermostat) prevents the stress of frequent freezing and thawing from shattering your bird bath bowl.


Are heated bird baths worth it?

In summary, this is why we should heat bird baths: Heated baths and de-icers are indispensable to help you protect your bird bath, maintain your backyard bird habitat and continue supporting your local birds when temperatures are below freezing.

How do I keep my bird bath from freezing without electricity?

Adding a few black river rocks, a black plate, or a sheet of black plastic to the bottom of the bath’s basin can help the water absorb heat and stay liquid. Add an Icebreaker. Breaking the thin films of ice that form on the surface will help keep the whole bath liquid.

Do heated bird baths use a lot of electricity?

Most heated bird baths run on 50 to 150 watts of power. Though 50 watts might be enough to keep water in a small bird bath from freezing, you’ll need more wattage to warm a larger bath.

What device keeps a bird bath from freezing?

Luckily, there are products just for that: Use a birdbath heater. The K&H Super Ice Eliminator Bird Bath Deicer can be submerged right in the bottom of a birdbath, and the thermostatically-controlled heater will automatically keep the water ice-free, even if it gets really cold.