what is the best bird food for finches

Finches can be finicky and are sometimes hesitant to visit bird feeders. These eight hints for how to attract finches will help you create a finch-friendly backyard bird feeding station they cant resist!

Choose bird feeders designed for finches

It has been demonstrated that some bird feeder designs draw finches in and promote return visits. When it comes to providing finches with their favorite foods, such as Nyjer (thistle) seeds, tube feeders, such as this one from Amazon, are among the best. Its long, narrow tubes have multiple feeding ports. These bird feeders’ unique design keeps larger birds from accessing the food, but it also accommodates the small bills of finches through tiny feeding ports, which also prevents the loss of tiny kernels.

Another kind of bird feeder made with small birds like finches in mind is a mesh feeder that holds seeds, like these sock feeders that are available on Amazon. By enabling finches to cling to and feed from any angle, these feeders encourage the birds’ instinctive feeding behavior. On the other hand, a platform style bird feeder can provide finches with a range of bird food. Because platform feeders provide an unhindered view of their surroundings, the small birds frequently feel at ease using them to feed while keeping an eye out for potential threats.

1. Place Feeders Where Finches Feel Safe

When a feeder is visible to predators, finches may feel more vulnerable. The finches will feel safer and may be more willing to investigate the new feeder if it is positioned close to a shrub or tree. You can move it far enough away from trees and shrubs once they’ve found it to prevent squirrels from jumping to it.

3. Finches Feed on Fresh Black Seed

Ensure that the seed you purchase is a deep shade of black. Finches wont feed on brown, old-looking seed. Store fresh thistle in the freezer until you’re ready to use it because thistle seed, also known as Nyjer®, dries out quickly. By doing this, you can keep the seed fresher longer until it’s time to put it in your finch feeders. Purchasing thistle as needed is a good idea; buy enough seed so that the birds in your yard will eat it within a month or so. When you pinch a seed with your fingernail, if oil does not come out, the seed is not fresh, and the finches will not eat it. Finches can actually tell the difference. They usually visit feeders containing fresh thistle and tend to overlook those with old, dehydrated seeds.


What is the best food to feed finches?

The American goldfinch’s diet consists of mostly seeds. They love Nyjer® Seed and Sunflower Seeds. These seeds are high in oil and easy to eat with their smaller beaks.

Do finches prefer Nyjer or thistle seed?

Picking the correct bird feeder and birdseed can determine whether you’ll be seeing finches or not. Finches like to eat nyjer thistle seed.

What is the best bird seed to attract goldfinches?

Attracting Goldfinches with Feeders “Their favorite foods are nyjer seeds in a tube feeder and black oil sunflower seeds—both in the shell and without the shell—in either a tube feeder or a hopper feeder,” says Chris Earley, a zoologist and professor at the University of Guelph.

What is the best feed to attract finches?

Offer Sunflower Hearts and Nyger Seed Goldfinches are known to love Nyger seed, which is a small black seed full of healthy proteins and oils. Greenfinches and Redpolls are also known to return to Nyger Seed feeders (as well as Siskins).