what is the best bird box camera

Six of the best bird box cameras

what is the best bird box camera

This tiny wireless camera records HD 1080p video of birds feeding and nesting and is compatible with the majority of bird box designs. The bird box should be fully captured by the wide-angle lens, and it comes with an app that lets you view the video on a smartphone or tablet even when you’re not at home.

Additionally, there is a microphone to record audio and a MicroSD slot to add more storage to the device. Green Feathers also sells the camera in conjunction with a sizable, FSC-certified timber bird box, in case you don’t already have one.

Price: £149

Purchase Robert Dyas’ Green Feathers Wi-Fi HD Bird Box Camera.

RSPB Nest Box Camera System

what is the best bird box camera

This bird box does not need to be placed close to an outdoor power source because it comes with a 30-meter cable to connect the camera to your TV or computer. In addition to having LEDs for night vision and a microphone to record any noise the birds make, the camera records full color images during the day.

The corresponding nest box is appropriate for several species, such as sparrows, grey tits, and blue tits, and it is crafted in the UK using FSC-certified wood. If you’d like, it can also be transformed into an open front bird box for wrens and robins.

Price: £149.99

RSPB IP Camera Nest Box System

what is the best bird box camera

This IP camera streams HD video to your computer, tablet, or phone via a free app. The included timber bird box has a small covered roof window to provide additional lighting, and the 2MP camera produces color HD video.

If you’d rather use a 30m waterproof ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, the camera has an inbuilt microphone for recording audio.

Price: £199.99


What camera to use for bird nest cam?

Green Feathers WiFi HD Bird Box Camera
Green feathers
RSPB Nest Box Camera System
Gardenature Nest Box IP Camera Kit
Birdhouse Spy Cam BCAMHEHD Hawk Eye HD Camera (Set of 1)
Birdhouse Spy cam

Which is the best way to face a bird box?

The recommended direction to face a nest box is between north and east, as this will provide natural protection from direct sunlight, wind and rain, creating a more suitable and safe environment for growing birds. The box can also be tilted marginally forward to allow any rain to run clear of the entrance.

Can you put a camera in a birdhouse?

We just put long screws in the top of the birdhouse to have something for the camera to sit on. First, you need to remove the birdhouse roof. Then, drill holes to avoid cracking the cedar. Use the holes to gently screw the screws in.