what is the best bird bath heater

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Heres the way I would go about it:

Firstly, dont worry about efficiency. Heaters by their nature are close to 100% efficient. All the energy is turned to heat.

That said, thermostatically controlled is a must. Some have multiple thermocouples for better reliability.

Second: Ease of return and warranty duration are related, with the latter receiving more weight. Verify that you can return items locally if you purchase them locally.

Features to consider:

  • Is the cord flexible in the cold?
  • Is there a way to secure it so that bigger birds won’t be able to move it or take off with it?
  • Is it at least not impossibly ugly.
  • Will it be hurt if it the bath is empty.
  • If a plastic birdbath runs dry, will it get hot enough to melt it? (I had a dog dish that did this.) ).

I haven’t been able to locate one with a warranty longer than a year at this time. Please post back if you do.

I would largely agree with the previous response. However, most bird bath heaters (a site I`m affiliated with) today do not get hot enough to melt plastic. If you have a plastic or resin bird bath, you can add an electric heater without worrying about it melting. This is because most heaters will keep the water warm up to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. So, not hot enough to melt plastic.

In addition to the heater’s temperature, another element missing from the above specifications is the materials’ safety. One of the safest materials to use for anything that will come into contact with people or wildlife is stainless steel. It is therefore a wise option for a bird bath heater.

Additionally, if durability is a priority, ensure that the cord has a chew guard to stop animals from gnawing on it. Typically, an electrical cord is wrapped in stainless steel to serve as a chew guard.

While it might be challenging to locate a 5-year warranty, one year is generally accepted. Additionally, I would advise purchasing a water-tight cord lock for added security.

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what is the best bird bath heater


What device keeps a bird bath from freezing?

Luckily, there are products just for that: Use a birdbath heater. The K&H Super Ice Eliminator Bird Bath Deicer can be submerged right in the bottom of a birdbath, and the thermostatically-controlled heater will automatically keep the water ice-free, even if it gets really cold.

Are heated bird baths a good idea?

In summary, this is why we should heat bird baths: Heated baths and de-icers are indispensable to help you protect your bird bath, maintain your backyard bird habitat and continue supporting your local birds when temperatures are below freezing.

What can I put in my bird bath to keep it from freezing?

Put a ping pong ball in your bird bath. The breeze should move this lightweight float around keeping the water moving and should prevent it freezing during the day, unless the temperature drops considerably. Move you bird bath to an area of garden that gets the most hours of sunlight.

Do bird bath heaters use a lot of electricity?

Most heated bird baths run on 50 to 150 watts of power. Though 50 watts might be enough to keep water in a small bird bath from freezing, you’ll need more wattage to warm a larger bath.