what does the red angry bird do

Powers and abilities

Red is an extremely strong and skilled fighter who hasn’t received any significant training; he has repeatedly broken through Pig City on his own without suffering any injuries. One of Red’s most remarkable skills is his strength; even though he typically cannot break through stone or wooden blocks, he is strong enough to easily lift and launch pigs[30]. He has also demonstrated the ability to quickly breach a variety of walls, including a metal wall, without the need for any extra equipment. [31] Moreover, his quickness has allowed him to run effortlessly over entire mountains [32] and onto water [18].

Red has proven to be extremely resilient and resistant to attacks. He has managed to withstand enormous explosions[33], falls from great heights, and once, atmospheric entry. [34].

Aside from strength and speed, Red can transform into a ball in the movies by hiding all of his limbs, a move that has only been employed once. [35].

Red can change into Super Red by traveling through some sort of alien wormhole. [36] Red’s physical characteristics are different in this state; his most distinctive feature is his pair of black and white glasses, which he can use to track and examine opponents. However, most of his abilities remain the same. This transformation first appeared in Angry Birds Space. Tapping the screen causes Super Red to emit red sound waves in both directions, also known as battle cries. He can actually cause a pig to jump out of fear if he uses it close by. LITERALLY.

Red can undergo an as-yet-unnamed transformation by utilizing a few of the Mighty Eagles feathers. He appears exactly like his typical counterpart, with the exception that a few red and white feathers are now all around him. Red can travel to any place he desires while in this state. He can only use this power once though, after which the feathers will disappear. Only the Chinese version of Angry Birds and the original game featured this transformation.

Through unknown means, Red can transform into the Telebird. He is currently donning a yellow and magenta helmet on his head. Red can now teleport himself and the objects around him to any location he chooses as the Telebird, enabling him to pass through solid objects. However, he can only use this ability once. Only the international version of Angry Birds Seasons featured this change.

Red has the ability to change into the Homing Bird, where he has a gray radar on his head, through unexplained means. When in this state, Red instinctively moves in the direction of any pig that comes close to him. However, he can only use this ability once. This change was limited to the Chinese version of Angry Birds Seasons.

The birds were brought to the eggs by Chef Pig after he concocted a potion that turned them into pigs. Red served as the test subject, and it was successful because he handed Chef Pig the eggs just as they were ready to be cooked. But this was only a temporary potion, for he was transforming back into a bird. Red blew the gas on Chef Pig, turning him into a hybrid of a snail, tree, toy train, and flower while he was trying to create a new potion to turn him back into a pig. [37].

When he changed into a pig, he had Red’s characteristic eyebrows and looked like a Minion Pig.

Red has no physical weaknesses, but it has been determined that she is allergic to pollen. Additionally, he is easily frightened by scarecrows and will be helpless if he comes across one. [39] In addition, he is prone to becoming sidetracked when attempting to aim with the slingshot and becoming alarmed by practically any noise, including his own farts. [40].

Reds best friend is Chuck. When they helped with Matilda’s anger management classes, the two first got together. Red was frequently uncomfortable with the yellow bird’s fast-paced demeanor, which irritated him at first, but they soon became friends. Red still finds Chuck’s haughty demeanor annoying, but he treats him like a father figure and has his respect and trust. Furthermore, Red felt sad for his friend’s “loss” when Chuck appeared to be crushed by the slingshot, but he was confused to learn that Chuck was alive and well right away. [41].

Other of Reds friends is Bomb. The two got together for the first time when they had to help with Matildas anger management classes. Although they did not get along well at first, as they looked into the situation regarding Leonard and the pigs held captive on Bird Island, they soon became friends. [4] Red treats Bomb[9] as a father figure, showing him respect and trust even though he occasionally gets irritated by his ignorance.


Red is a Northern Cardinal with dark red feathers near his eyes, tan belly feathers, and a spherical body covered in red feathers—thus the name. In addition, he has three short black tail feathers with square ends and a tuft of two red feathers on his head. His most iconic design feature is his black large eyebrows. It is also revealed in Eggs Day Out that he has short, stubby wings.

To make him more expressive, his design was slightly altered for the Wreck the Halls short in late 2011. Before Angry Birds Toons came out in 2013, this design was not very popular, but ever since then, it has become the most widely used design.

Angry Birds Seasons[]

In terms of gameplay, Red is identical to that of the first Angry Birds game and can also be enhanced by using the Power Potion. He also makes appearances as the Powerbird Telebird and the powerup Homing Bird. Every Red that the player doesn’t use to finish a level will earn them a bonus of ten. 000 points.