what does the purple angry bird do

Game Appearances

She made her appearance in the game as the primary antagonist who players must defeat.

In addition, she is a playable character that is limited to the Character-Swap feature. When it is used, your cursor will behave like a paintbrush covered in gold, prompting you to drag your finger across a limited distance from one point to another. The line connecting the two points will turn gold when you release your finger. Then, not a pig, but Gale, who is far from the starting point, will appear and fly through the line, destroying and pushing everything in his path.

According to the plot, she orders a minion pig to break into Stella’s house and take her scrapbook. She then sends the rest of her flock after Gales ship to retrieve the scrapbook, which contained their private photos.

She ends up mistreating and neglecting the wildlife with her minions, the pigs, which infuriates the flock even more.

However, since the game was discontinued, it is unclear what transpired next. The flock first entered the cave, and then it was transformed into a carnival; however, none of these changes were ever made into playable versions.

Gale is introduced as the primary antagonist of the first game, probably for the same reasons.

Nevertheless, not much is known because Stella was taken out of the game and made playable for a brief period of time.

Gale did not actually appear as a playable character in the “Defeat Gale” levels of the game; instead, he was an enemy. Similar to the “Pop the Top” levels, the objective of this level was to defeat Gale by popping six bubbles at the top column. However, she will obstruct your progress by ordering pigs to substitute random blockers for bubbles after every five shots you make.

But as of version 2, King Pig took her place, and the section was renamed “Defeat King Pig.” 23.

After that, she was added as a guest character. She still has the ability to use the Royal Pop, which is a bubble that pops any other bubble to reveal a multicolored bubble underneath.

She played in this game, but because it was canceled, not much is known about her participation in it.

Gale made an appearance as the primary antagonist and an opponent in the Pink Friday Tournament.

Gale reappears in Angry Birds Dream Blast. but this time collectible only in Dream Blast Holiday. She only appeared at the Mighty Eagles vacation home, and in this game, she uses her movie design.

Video games edit

Release date Game Genre


TBA Angry Birds Double Crossed Action A movie-themed, multiplayer reality game show.[32]
TBA Angry Birds Launch It! Racing A movie-themed, racing video game.[33]
TBA Angry Birds Racing A 2D Toons-themed racing game.
TBA Angry Birds Next TBA An upcoming game “with a twist”. The game seems to be what the surveys for Double Crossed and Launch It! lead up to.[34]
TBA Angry Birds Crazy Golf An Angry Birds-themed miniature golf game.[35]
TBA Angryverse Brawl Fighting An Angry Birds-themed fighting game.[36]
TBA Bad Piggies 2 Puzzle A direct sequel to Bad Piggies.[37] The game was soft launched in 2023.[38]

Compilations edit

Released Game Genre Description
2012 Angry Birds Trilogy Puzzle A compilation of the first three Angry Birds games (the original, Seasons, and Rio) for video game consoles.[39]


What is the evil purple bird in Angry Birds?

“The leader of the eagles. The one who’s been trying to destroy our islands. And my ex-fiancee.” — Mighty Eagle, The Angry Birds Movie 2 Zeta (originally known as Zelda in concept art) is a purple eagle who serves as the main antagonist of The Angry Birds Movie 2, who has redeemed herself, voiced by Leslie Jones.

What does each bird do on Angry Birds?

Signature power — Inflate to 4 times his size. Destroy pigs in the new vicinity. Shrink back again. 125 energy
Drill into the ground to topple structures
Signature power — Suck in x blocks and spit them out to do damage. Also to move the blocks.

What is the most powerful bird in Angry Birds?

The Mighty Eagle is a very wise and powerful bird who is greatly respected by the birds. The Mighty Eagle loves his cave and sardines. He hates being disturbed. He is very grumpy, he hates everyone except for The Blues.

What are the pink angry birds powers?

When activated, the Pink Bird will surround itself in a bubble, which will expand after a few seconds. Any blocks or pigs within the bubble’s range will trapped in either pink, green, or blue bubbles. All of the bubbles will then rise towards the sky.