what does stella do in angry birds 2

Stella adores spending time with Bubbles, much like she does with Luca. Bubbles accepts Stella’s invitation to go with her as a “traveling companion” in the book Stella and the Hunt for the Jade Egg as they search for Matilda’s jade egg. Under Red’s direction, Stella interprets Bubble’s chirps in The World of Angry Birds Official Guide so that the viewer can understand them.

Stella appears to be a mother figure to Luca. Stella believes her to be dangerous, so she makes him take baths and keeps him away from Gale. Luca shows his concern for Stella by tricking her into using her hangglider to save him when she develops a fear of flying. Stella overcomes her fear and uses her hangglider to leap from the tree to save Luca, demonstrating her willingness to go to any lengths to ensure his safety.

Stella dislikes being told what to do because she is an adolescent, and since Red is the leader, it is his responsibility to take the lead. Even though they don’t always get along in Angry Birds POP!, they appear to be enjoying themselves together. Stella has expressed romantic feelings for Red in the Angry Birds comics. Stella was Reds’ childhood friend in Angry Birds: Summer Madness, and Reds looks up to Stella.

But when she reappeared in the Angry Birds Stella game, she was revealed to be much older and wiser, with a voice that was much deeper in tone. She is shown to be a very adaptable person who enjoys a wide range of activities, such as parkour, skateboarding, rock climbing, singing, and hang gliding. In the games, the “bubble” part of her persona is entirely gone.

Despite her difficult past with the pigs, Stella’s compassionate nature allows some of them to spend the night in her home. She becomes irritated when the pigs take advantage of her, but she persists in standing up for them despite the objections of her friends. She refers to the pigs in The World of Angry Birds Official Guide as “stupid” and “not a threat at all,” suggesting that she has no idea why The Flock is concerned about them.

Telepods edit

This is the third game in the series that works with the Telepods toy line from Hasbro, which is also utilized in other Angry Birds games like Angry Birds Star Wars II. [6] Characters that match the scanned figure can be called into the game by the Telepods. The Telepods pack may include additional toys and accessories for regular play in addition to this purpose.

Characters edit

  • Stella is the main character and a fierce gal who can parkour to make things interesting. She is playable from the start of the game.
  • Poppy: A lutino cockatiel with the ability to fall from the air in an instant and smash through obstacles in her path. She is introduced in Level 12.
  • Luca: A juvenile male California scrub jay that can destroy delicate objects with a ranged sonic attack. He is introduced in Level 23.
  • Willow: A western crowned pigeon with a sharp change in direction that allows it to fly through obstructions with ease. She is introduced in Level 34.
  • Dahlia: A long-eared owl capable of phasing through solid objects and then erupting with a devastating blast She is introduced in Level 47.
  • Gale: The primary antagonist of the game, a violet-backed starling that rules over the pigs The player can give Gale a power-up by unlocking the “Beach Day” chapter. This paintbrush can turn objects into gold, which is Gale’s weakness. When Gale notices this, he will destroy all the objects that have been painted gold.
  • Handsome Pig: Gale’s right-hand man, this blonde-haired pig serves as the game’s secondary antagonist. He appears in the last level of each chapter.


What does Stella the Angry Bird do?

Original Series. Like Bomb, Bubbles and the Ice Bird, Stella’s ability is activated when the screen is tapped, or after a couple of seconds after striking an object. When activated, the Pink Bird will surround itself in a bubble, which will expand after a few seconds.

What is Stella’s ability?

Stella: The main protagonist, a feisty galah who can parkour to shake things up. She is playable from the start of the game. Poppy: A lutino cockatiel who can instantly drop down from mid-air, smashing obstacles along the way. She is introduced in Level 12.

Who is the strongest angry bird in Angry Birds 2?

Although portrayed in the movie as a legend that is way past his glory days, Mighty Eagle is considered the strongest Angry Bird in the franchise. He is also taller than other birds and has a guaranteed one-hit kill in any game level.