what does a bird cage tattoo mean

There are a lot of odd tattoos out there in the world. Everyone is different and all people are a little weird. We celebrate the weird here and root for the most random tattoos. People look for s that have symbolism to have tattooed on their body and we have seen some that we weren’t sure about when we saw them, and the birdcage tattoo was one. It’s not that this is odd or strange, it was just trying to determine what it meant.

After some research, we have come to appreciate this tattoo and know that it can have many different meanings. It might depend on the bird that is sitting in the cage, the shape of the cage itself and if the door is open or not. Cages have long been symbols and used for centuries. Saying that, it is no surprise that people are a fan of this tattoo and we see it on more people than we would have thought.

In order to understand the symbolism behind the birdcage tattoo, we should talk about little bit about the origins of the birdcage. After that, we will address the birdcage tattoo meaning and what its symbolism for those that choose to have this tattooed on their body. It’s a fun tattoo and we want to talk about the creative ways that people get this tattoo and if it changes the symbolism. Read on if you are curious about the birdcage tattoo and what it symbolizes.

The Bible also interprets The Anchor to mean steadfastness and devotion to spirituality. This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, as it is written in Hebrews 6:19 The anchor with ropes or chains symbolizes a steadfast trust in Jesus Christ despite life’s challenges.

Observe that the bird is flying into the cage and that the birdcage is open. It represents the readiness to remain with and be cared for by the partner.

One word that could be used to describe the first is commitment. Like, being committed in a relationship.

The Anchor is connected to the life of a seaman or the maritime industry, such as the Army Navy.

Birdcage with Door Open Tattoo

The tattoo of a birdcage with an open door represents being freed. You are free to come and go as you please, but the cage is there in case you need it for safety. It could also mean being released, but the next tattoo has a stronger connection.

History of the Birdcage

To most, the history of the birdcage appears to be fairly straightforward. People enjoy watching birds, and in order to fulfill this desire, they keep birds in cages. For the most part, this is completely accurate. These birds were kept in the early birdcages so they could be seen by anyone who wished to see them.

The early cages were handmade out of boxes and nets. They would make use of bamboo, rope, wood, and woven reeds. There were even birds assigned to perform extremely hazardous tasks. When miners brought canaries into the coal mines, they would know there were toxic gases present if they observed the bird die.

These cages were also used by people in the past to allow birds to breed with one another, producing scarlet macaws. Between 900 and 1340 AD, the Paquime Indians, a Pre-Columbian group, lived in and constructed elaborate settlements made entirely of adobe. About sixty macaw pens made of these exquisite birds’ feathers were discovered by archaeologists.

The birdcage has long been used as a metaphor and symbol in numerous cultures. From the hunter-gatherer era to the present, the birdcage has been a ubiquitous symbol that has been used to explain a wide range of cultural symbolisms.

A common comparison used to suggest that we are all imprisoned in our lives is that of the birdcage. After conversing with a man who had a tattoo of a birdcage, he came to believe that society is the cage and that we are all just birds. We believe that we are all trapped in this cage because “they” tell us to do things. Whether we reside in a lavish house or an apartment, we all struggle with life’s little challenges and are constantly working to change or break free from our chains.

Because they can fly, birds are frequently seen as symbols of freedom. Because they follow the wind, birds are also associated with qualities like inspiration and creativity. The obvious result of capturing and caged birds is their loss of freedom.

On the other hand, cages are more complex than that. We tend to have an unclear relationship with the cage. The cage serves as a symbol of our imprisonment, but it also keeps us safe from things and people we don’t want to come into contact with. Cages aren’t always bad, and a lot of it depends on whether we think the trade-off is worthwhile. It is crucial to comprehend the meaning of the tattoo because, in the event that we are confined to our home after the birth of a child, we are in a vulnerable situation and require the security of the cage.

You would be wrong to believe that there aren’t many different styles of the birdcage tattoo. One of the best things about getting a tattoo is that you can customize it to look however you want. It’s okay to add additional symbolism to alter the meaning. It’s also fantastic if you want to include anything to further emphasize the point of what you’re attempting to say. Here are some instances of various birdcage tattoos that we’ve come across.


What does a bird cage symbolize?

The bird represents freedom or desire to be free, while the cage symbolizes confinement or oppression.

What does a bird tattoo symbolize?

People have always been drawn to birds, especially as a representation and sense of freedom. As a whole, birds represent our eagerness and desire to live a spiritually free and happy life. Some cultures even valued birds to be a representation of eternal life; as in the connection between heaven and earth.

What does an open birdcage symbolize?

The birdcage was a symbol of the woman’s virginity, which was intact, if the bird was still in the cage, but which was not if the door was open and the bird had flown. This symbolism appears in countless Continental European porcelain figure groups.

What does a little bird tattoo mean?

Small bird tattoos often represent freedom, aspiration, and the human soul’s quest for liberation.