what do pet birds like to eat

Supplements to Your Bird’s Diet

For birds that will only touch seeds, known as “seed junkies,” avian veterinarians frequently advise nutritional supplements. You don’t need to worry as much if your bird is eating Lafeber products because their diets are complete in terms of nutrition. Nevertheless, your bird might be molting, laying eggs, recovering from a disease or injury, or it could be under stress due to a recent move, the death of a mate, or another trying circumstance. Under such circumstances, you ought to think about using a nutritional supplement to maintain your bird’s health.

Additionally, it’s usually a good idea to give a bird a vitamin and mineral supplement, just as you might occasionally take vitamins, to ensure that he is getting the nutrients he needs to stay healthy. Before beginning to feed dietary supplements to your pet bird, consult your avian veterinarian. Overfeeding your bird can be harmful, but giving it supplements a few times a week won’t hurt. To prevent bacteria from growing in the dish, if you add a powdered supplement, make sure to change the water at least twice a day and provide only fresh water (without the supplement) at night.

Are there any fruits or vegetables that I should avoid?

Because some of their parts have been shown to cause fatal toxicity when fed to pet birds, avocados should be avoided. You should also avoid onions and garlic because they contain chemicals that could damage your bird’s blood cells. It is not advised to eat iceberg or head lettuce because it is mostly water and has minimal nutritional value. Similar to how many birds love the crunch of celery stalks, birds should also only be fed sparingly because of the high water content of these stalks, which provides few nutrients.

Cooking For Your Bird

Like humans, birds enjoy home-cooked meals! It’s very simple to prepare wholesome meals for them. You can make a tasty bird recipe if you can crack an egg. These recipes are excellent for molting birds and weaning chicks, and they all call for Lafeber bird foods. Here are three dishes to try:

Simpler bird recipes don’t come any simpler than this! Start by purchasing a box of premade cornbread mix. Follow the directions on the package. Add two cups of Nutri-Berries just before you’re ready to pour it into the baking pan (or muffin pan), and bake. It might need to be baked for a little while longer than the recipe specifies. Cool before serving. Your bird will love extracting the Nutri-Berries from the muffins! Cut into squares and freeze, and then defrost when needed.


What food do birds like the most?

A diverse mix of seeds will attract the greatest variety of birds. To avoid waste, offer different seeds in different feeders. Black oil sunflower seed appeals to the greatest number of birds. Offer sunflower seeds, nyjer (thistle) seeds, and peanuts in separate feeders.

What do birds like to eat human food?

Backyard birds can eat kitchen scraps and pantry grains that otherwise would be thrown away. Food from the pantry, such as old beans, lentils, garbanzo beans, rice, wheat, and other grains, can be crushed and fed to wild birds.

How often do pet birds need to eat?

Your Bird’s Daily Routine Waking Up – This getting up time may include greetings and a first feeding. This often coincides with the brightening day and may shift slightly through the seasons. Mealtimes – Most birds eat once in the morning and once in the evening.