what do blue birds like to eat

What Foods Do They Eat?

Mealworms, sunflower chips, peanut pieces, suet, Bark Butter®, Bark Butter Bits, raisins, currants, and grapes

Other Info About Them

In most of its range, the Western Bluebird is a partial migrant, shifting its breeding season latitude rather than altitude. The Northwestern and British Columbia populations are more migratory.

In its northern range, the Eastern Bluebird migrates more, while in its southern range, it is a year-round resident and does not migrate.

The most migratory bluebird is the mountain bluebird, which is not migratory in a small portion of its range in the West and Southwest.

Online sources for meal worms:


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Scrambled Eggs

Tray feeders are good for bluebirdsAs previously stated, under severe conditions of cold and wet weather, bluebirds can be fed scrambled eggs. They will readily accept them and feed them to their young. Kurt Hagemeister of the Michigan Bluebird Society reports that this tactic saved a nest of young bluebirds several years ago in his yard. The eggs should be cooked as normal, scrambled, let cool, and then put out in a tray type of birdfeeder not far from the nest. If the birds dont eat them within a day or two, remove them from the area so they dont go bad or attract unwanted predators.


Bluebirds will sometimes feed on suet. Since insects are plentiful in the summer, Bluebirds feeding on suetit will be difficult to get them to eat suet at that time of year. But as the weather gets cold and insects are scarce or non-existent, they will really eat up the nutritious and energy-filled suet that you provide for them. Commercially made suet cakes are easy and relatively inexpensive. Cakes with hulled sunflower, peanut bits, raisins, and ground up corn meal are very good.

Here’s a fantastic recipe to help you draw in bluebirds:

Bluebird Suet Recipe

1/3 cup sugar, 1 cup whole wheat flour, 2 cups oatmeal, 2 cups cornmeal, and ½ cup raisins are combined with 1 cup lard and 1 cup crunchy peanut butter.

Put raisins in sauce pan and add water to cover. Boil; then take the pan off the heat and allow the raisins to cool. Drain water and cut raisins in half. Set aside.

Combine the flour, oats, and cornmeal in a sizable mixing bowl.

Melt the sugar, peanut butter, and lard in a small sauce pan over low heat. Pour liquid mixture into dry ingredients and mix well. Add raisins.

Seed And Other Foods

You can give Bluebirds sunflower hearts, softened raisins, blueberries, and currants during the colder months. Keep in mind that bluebirds only consume these other foods in the worst of circumstances. This usually happens in the late winter or early spring, when it’s still quite cold outside and there aren’t enough natural foods available. If not, they’ll keep eating primarily fruits they can find and wild berries. The ideal places for it are in open tray feeders or specialty feeders that allow the bluebirds to enter through openings at both ends.

The Jail Bluebird Feeder

A very good type of feeder is the Bluebird Jail feeder. This feeder (pictured at the right), was designed to exclude larger birds, such as Robins and Starlings, from getting at the jailfeedermealworms or other food, before the Bluebirds can get it. The feeder is enclosed (which shelters the mealworms/food) with a dish in the middle for the food. The birds can either enter through the 1 1/2″ diameter entrance holes on the ends or in between the wooden dowel “bars”. Unlike some Bluebird feeders that have Plexiglass instead of the bars, the jail feeder is more open and makes it easier for the birds to get to the food. The trick to getting Bluebirds to start using the feeder is to leave the top open (and even remove the bars) temporarily until the birds “figure out” that there is food in there. Once they start coming regularly, replace the bars and close the top of the feeder. They should start entering through the ends or between the bars.

The Gilbertson Bluebird Feeder

This feeder is another variation of the Jail Feeder shown above. It is also designed mainly to limit the size of birds that can get to the mealworms or other food to Bluebird-sized birds or smaller. So, again, Starlings and Robins will not be able to access the feeding area.GilbFeeder1

The Gilbertson feeder was designed by Steve Gilbertson of Minnesota. This feeder is incredibly easy to assemble, even for those with only rudimentary woodworking knowledge. It is primarily composed of 2×4, 1×10, and 2×2 cedar. Additionally, there are a few short horizontally installed lengths of metal rod with a 1/8″ diameter. Most hardware stores and home centers carry this.

To get to the feeding area container, one of the bars can be removed. The idea is to use an old tuna fish can made of aluminum or tin. For this use, a tiny glass dish can also be purchased. To download the plans for this feeder design, click below.

Bluebirds and Meal Worms

Check out this amazing video to see the bluebirds’ attraction to mealworms.


to increase the Eastern Bluebird’s success rate in nesting

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MBS Does Bluebird Programs

Get in touch with MBS to arrange a day and time if you would like someone to present an engaging program on bluebirds for your group. We can speak to garden clubs, schools, civic associations, and nature groups, among others. in most areas of the state. Visit our Contact Us page and send an email to your county’s coordinator. If your county does not have one, get in touch with MBS President Kurt Hagemeister.


What is the best thing to feed bluebirds?

So, you can help Bluebirds survive by feeding meal worms and even scrambled eggs. See below for details. Meal worms can be purchased at some bait shops, pet stores or bird supply stores. To order larger quantities, it is usually more economical to purchase meal worms online.

Do bluebirds eat out of feeders?

Bluebirds like nest boxes and feeders out in the open. This bluebird feeder has a roof to offer protection from rain (which slides up for filling), clear sides for viewing, and two cups for mealworms and suet nuggets.

Do bluebirds like peanut butter?

Bluebirds swallow foods whole, so pea-sized is max. Peanut butter smeared on tree bark at ground level serves them, too. Since bluebirds aren’t built to feed clinging, they eat more naturally at or near ground level. In passing, note that cheaper peanut butter contains more oil and sugar, unhealthy for birds.