what do birds need to make a nest

Spring is an important time of year for birds to get cracking laying eggs and raising chicks. But first things first they need to build their nests.

Each species of bird brings its own style to its nest making. Here, we look at the different types of nests you might spot this spring and how you can help birds that are nesting near you. Â

Safe Materials

Small sticks or twigs are natural materials that birds could find on their own and make excellent starting points for nesting materials. In order to give birds easy access to materials they would otherwise have to search for, you can gather twigs or small sticks to pile or loosely bundle together in your yard.

Leaves and other yard waste: Instead of meticulously grooming your lawn for spring, leave trash and leaf litter lying around your yard. The birds will appreciate it, even though it means giving up a beautiful spot (as will your back)

Tiny straw fragments: The closest Home Depot or other home improvement store will have straw. Place the straw outside in a location that birds can easily find. You can also put it in a suet feeder or recycled berry container for the birds to yank out, which will increase the entertainment value.

Grass clippings: If you cut your grass, think about collecting the clippings on your lawn rather than discarding them in the garbage. If you choose this course of action, though, make sure your grass isn’t treated with pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals.

Native plants: Planting native plants in your yard is a great way to attract birds and give them easy access to safe materials for nesting. For instance, native milkweed yields the fluff that birds use to line their nests and the nectar that caterpillars of monarch butterflies prefer. Additionally, the caterpillars are a great source of food for young chicks. “Thats a win-win-win,” Rowden says.

Why do birds nest?Â

Instead of residing in nests, birds construct them as a secure location to lay, incubate, and raise their young. Â.

A female blue tit builds a nest by herself

A blue tit will construct a nest in a nesting box or in the hollow of a tree using moss, wool, hair, and feathers. The female will construct the nest, lay her eggs, and the male will tend to them while she is being fed. Although she could lay up to 14 eggs, seven or eight is more typical. Â.

This blue-tit has built its nest in a tree hollow. © nottsexminer (CC BY-SA 2.0) via Wikimedia Commons


What makes birds build nests?

Birds don’t live in nests, they build them to have a safe place to lay and incubate their eggs and to raise their chicks.

Will birds use dryer lint for nesting?

Because dryer lint has no strong structure, it easily falls apart and isn’t sturdy enough to build a suitable nest. Furthermore, wet lint is very sticky and can coat birds’ legs, feet, and feathers.