what did larry bird’s son do

Conner Bird, the son of basketball legend Larry Bird, was arrested on Sunday for allegedly trying to hit his girlfriend with a car, according to a report from TMZ.com.

Bird was arrested at the Indiana University campus. The report also says that Bird was arrested for “intimidation with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief, battery with injury, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia.”

TMZs report states that Bird had an incident with police before, being arrested for “underage drinking and disorderly conduct” in 2011.

His attorney, John Tompkins, was quoted by ABC Channel 6 in Indianapolis as saying this “is a private matter we are hoping to resolve as quickly as possible,” and “we are happy no one was seriously hurt.”

Larry Bird is one of the most iconic figures in basketball history. He first made his name in college at Indiana State when he led the program to the national championship game against Magic Johnson and Michigan State in 1979.

After spending his entire NBA career with the Boston Celtics, Bird transitioned into coaching and the front office. He led the Indiana Pacers to the NBA Finals in 2000 as a head coach and spent 2003-2012 in the teams front office as President of Basketball Operations.

Bird retired after the Pacers were eliminated from the postseason last year, citing exhaustion and a desire to get his health back in order.

Unfortunately, this news about his son is going to cause a lot more heartache for Bird and his entire family.

Did Connor Play Basketball?

When Connor was a teenager, he cheered on his father’s team and watched the NBA. He might have also played the sport as an amateur.

However, despite being the son of a well-known NBA player, he never played professionally.

Connor Bird’s Siblings

Connor has two siblings: his half-sister Corrie Bird and sister Mariah Bird. Mariah earned a degree in tourism and hospitality from Indiana University.

According to the most recent reports, Mariah worked as an event activation manager and a real estate agent.

Before these jobs, she was an intern at PS&E. She later joined the company as an event and project coordinator.

Regarding Corrie, she is the offspring of Larry’s initial spouse, Janet Condra. Larry refused to be a part of her life. Corrie made numerous attempts to meet him, but he consistently refused.

Years later, he expressed regret for his actions and pledged to help her. Since then, he has started to support Corrie financially.

The adoptive parents of Connor, Dinah Mattingly and Larry Bird, first met at Indiana State. They got married in 1989.

Since they lacked biological children, they decided to adopt Connor and his sister Mariah in order to begin a family.

That said, Dinad wasn’t Larry’s first wife. In 1975, he wed Janet Condra; however, they separated a few months later.

Connor Bird’s Early Life

Remarkably, Connor’s early years weren’t as idyllic as one might expect for the son of a famous person. Instead, he had an ordinary, if not sad, childhood.

Connor Bird was born in 1992, yet his full birth date is unknown. He’s the adopted son of the former basketballer Larry Bird and his wife Dinah Mattingly.

There’s no information available about Connor’s biological parents.

Connor spent a portion of his early years living in Naples, Florida. He and his father used to watch the Miami Heat together on a regular basis during that period.

After finishing high school, Connor attended Indiana University.


What happened to Larry Bird’s dad?

Larry was 18 when his father Joe, who drank too much, delivered on his threat of killing himself. Joe Bird was 48 when he committed suicide on Feb. 3, 1975. Later that year, while a freshman at Indiana State, Larry married his childhood sweetheart, Janet Condra.

Did Larry Bird ever have any children?

Corrie Bird is the daughter of NBA legend Larry Bird. She was born on the 14th of August and raised by her mother, Janet Condra, and stepfather, Mr. Hargrave. Bird would then go on to attend Indiana State University and Wesleyan Indiana University to earn degrees in business administration and elementary education.

Why did Larry Bird have to lay down?

Bird famously played with two injured ankles and a notoriously cranky back that forced him to lay down on the floor during practice breaks.