what bird are you based on your birthday

Imagining what it would be to fly is something everyone has done since we’ve all wondered what it would be like to be a bird. Luckily, astrology can determine what bird you would be, based on your zodiac sign by looking at the spiritual significance of each bird species and matching that with the traits of your zodiac sign!

But before we dive into the astrological meaning of our avian counterparts, it might be best to understand what a bird is from a spiritual standpoint. Across most cultures, birds represent messages from the spirit realm. Depending on the bird, the message could be considered traditionally positive or negative. For example, if a stork or dove crosses your path, then this might be a message of love. However, if a crow or owl flies over you, then this might be an ill-fated omen. No matter the bird, it might be worthwhile to do a quick Google search to see what your message is when you come across a fowl.

Each avian also has a greater spiritual context since there’s a magickal correlation between the bird species and whatever the bird is doing at the time of receiving the message. Generally speaking, passerines are associated with late loved ones whereas predatory birds represent spirit guides. Depending on where you lived, the species may vary. However, cardinals and bluejays are commonly associated with late loved ones. Meanwhile, hawks, falcons and other raptors may represent your spirit guides. Knowing this can help you further determine who or what is trying to contact you from the great beyond.

Now consider what the bird is doing at the time of seeing it. If the bird is perched overhead, next to you, or seems to be watching you, then this is likely a spirit’s way of letting you know that they are always with you. If the bird is flying over you toward the horizon, then this might be a sign that you’re going in the right direction. But if the bird flies over you toward whatever is behind you, then you may have a loose end to wrap up or something to check on before moving forward. If the bird is flying in circles, then this may indicate a stuck point in your life. Likewise, take note of whether the bird is alive, injured or dead. The physical condition of the fowl may deepen the spiritual context.

As you gaze into the sky to see what soars above, you might wonder what kind of fledgling you would be if you could take flight into the avian world. There are a few astrological placements that you could check in your birth chart, like your sun or rising sign. I also recommend checking the bird associated with your Mercury sign, since Mercury is associated with birds. Keep reading to see what bird you are based on your sun sign, rising sign, or Mercury sign:

As a fierce fiery soul, you radiate with a strong presence that takes others by storm. Like you, the hawk dominates the sky thanks to its intense, independent nature. This feathered predator is known for its tenacity and rigorous attitude. Both you and the hawk share the same instinctual nature that allows both of you to seize the moment if it feels right. Despite you and the hawk having an intimidating reputation, you and the hawk also have a surprisingly gentle yet hidden side that very few are privy to experiencing.

Taurus, it’s no secret that you’re the one who has an eye for beauty and impeccable taste! Perhaps this is due to being ruled by Venus, the planet of love, glamor and pleasure. Similar to you, the hummingbird shares your exquisite tastes and desire for devotion. Although the similarities for fineries are obvious, one may be surprised to know that you and the hummingbird also share a territorial nature. You and the hummingbird can be aggressive when provoked since you both share a keen sense of loyalty and determination. After all, nobody loves harder than you and your avian counterpart.

Does Polly want a cracker, or do you, Gemini? While there are so many beautiful budgies to choose from, there’s no doubt that the parrot is your feathered soulmate. Given that you’re ruled by Mercury, you are well-known for your endless curiosity and loquaciousness. Like you, the parrot mirrors your social, chatty nature. The parrot’s gregarious personality and incredible intelligence perfectly capture your Mercurial energy. Thanks to your and the parrot’s bright energies, you two are always the life of the party, even if that means you both get into a little bit of mischief.

The old wive’s tale about storks bringing babies to expectant parents may come to mind since this bird is your avian soulmate, Cancer. Typically, you’re associated with the home, family, and motherhood, so it would make sense that you’re paired with the stork given the folklore. But aside from fairytales, you and the stork also share a kindred emotional nature. While your strong feelings are admirable, you and the stork may struggle with your emotional impulses. However, your and the stork’s sentimental natures can be a positive indicator for being intuitive. It’s simply a matter of finding balance, which is what you and your avian counterpart strive for!

Dazzling is what you do best, Leo. Everyone knows that you love to be the center of attention, especially when you can show off. Your desire to shine like a superstar is complemented by the peacock’s charm and confidence. The bright plumage of the peacock demands attention, so it’s hard to ignore this feathered celebrity. Similar to you, the peacock certainly knows how to make an entrance to captivate everyone in the room. Plus, you and the peacock are more than just your good looks since you both share an enthusiastic, social energy.

Birds are typically intelligent, but you need more since your avian counterpart should resonate with your analytical nature and desire for organization, Virgo. Of all the possibilities, the owl seems to capture your strategic mind and exactness. The owl is an efficient bird who likes to focus its energy since the owl doesn’t show off like a bird-of-paradise or intimidate like a raptor. Both you and the owl share the desire to be right the first time, so you prefer to plan accordingly. Not to mention that dignity is a must for you and your avian soulmate since you both are conscientious creatures!

While there are so many captivating songbirds and arresting fledglings, there’s no doubt that your feathered soulmate is the flamingo, Libra. Since pink is one of your colors and maintaining balance is associated with your zodiac sign, the flamingo would be the obvious choice. However, there’s more than what meets the eye since you and the flamingo desire connection. Flamingos are cliquey birds who form friendships based on personality attributes, which mirror your desire for reciprocal counterparts. So, it’s no wonder that you and the flamingo share the “birds of a feather flock together” mentality with your relationships.

“Nevermore” will you wonder who your avian counterpart is, Scorpio! The raven is your feathered soulmate since this sleek, moody bird perfectly exemplifies your mysterious energy and inclination for the taboo. Not only is the raven a significant pop culture symbol, but it also has occultist roots since this bird is typically a prophetic omen. Since you are the zodiac sign associated with all that’s hidden, your psychic senses are captured by the raven’s spiritual symbolism. Aside from all things magickal, you and the raven also look more intimidating than you are. You and the raven teach that there’s always more than what meets the eye.

If anyone is the astrological goofball, then it’s you, Sagittarius! Your upbeat attitude and boisterous energy are infectious, so people usually love being around you because you bring fun wherever you go. Like you, the toucan loves to entertain since this big-beaked bird is undeniably friendly and playful. Both you and the toucan are crowd-pleasers since you share a theatrical vibe. Not to mention that the toucan is incredibly intelligent since this bird-of-paradise can be trained to do all sorts of tricks, which closely mirrors your curious nature. Between you and the toucan, adventures await!

Similar to Aries, you also need a fierce avian counterpart who can dominate the sky and get the job done, Capricorn. As a direct and assertive leader, your energy is best matched with the eagle. This avian powerhouse perfectly captures your fearlessness and tenacity. The eagle isn’t afraid to go after what it wants since this predator’s take-charge attitude pushes for greatness. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise that the eagle’s status and reputation exemplify your impressive accomplishments. After all, you and the eagle are high-achievers who will stop at nothing to soar above everyone else.

While there are so many unique bird species, you may find that the cuckoo is your feathered friend, Aquarius. As a detached and aloof zodiac sign, you can be a little hard to get to know. Similar to you, the cuckoo is often hard to spot since this shy bird likes to hide instead of making its presence known. Aside from sharing the desire to spend time alone, you and the cuckoo have a unique way of going about things. Neither you nor the cuckoo believes in going by the book, so you share an unconventional outlook on life. Maybe that’s what makes you both “cuckoo”!

As a spiritual water sign, you are often associated with the spirit realm, Pisces. Your otherworldly nature is what draws you to the metaphysical, so you need to be paired with a bird that resonates with your spiritual frequency. While birds are typically considered omens and messengers across several cultures, the cardinal stands out since this crimson passerine is a sign that there’s a message from beyond the grave. Only a psychic zodiac sign such as you would truly understand the supernatural significance of the cardinal, which is why this is your feathered counterpart.

Dazzling is what you do best, Leo. You enjoy being the center of attention, as everyone knows, especially when you can flaunt yourself. The charm and confidence of the peacock complement your desire to shine like a superstar. It’s difficult to overlook this feathered celebrity because of its striking plumage, which commands attention. Like you, the peacock is adept at making an entrance and captivating everyone in the space. Furthermore, the peacock and you have a contagious, gregarious energy that goes beyond simply being attractive.

Despite the diversity of bird species, you might discover that the cuckoo is your feathered companion, Aquarius. Being an aloof and detached sign of the zodiac, you can be a little difficult to get to know. Like you, it can be difficult to spot the cuckoo because it prefers to hide rather than be noticed. You and the cuckoo approach things differently, in addition to having a mutual desire for alone time. You and the cuckoo have different perspectives on life because you both don’t adhere to the book. Maybe that’s what makes you both “cuckoo”!.

You, Sagittarius, are the epitome of the astrological goofball! People adore you because of your contagious enthusiasm and positive outlook on life, which makes you a pleasure to be around. The toucan, like you, enjoys entertaining because it’s a gregarious and lively big-beaked bird. Because you both have a theatrical vibe, the toucan and you are sure to please the crowd. Not to mention that the toucan is highly intelligent because it can be trained to perform a variety of tricks, which is very similar to your inquisitive personality. Between you and the toucan, adventures await!.

Now think about what the bird was doing when you saw it. It is probably a spirit’s way of informing you that they are always with you if the bird is perched above you, next to you, or appears to be observing you. You may be headed in the right direction if the bird is flying over you and toward the horizon. However, if the bird flies over you in the direction of whatever is behind you, there might be something you need to check on or wrap up before continuing. A stagnant period in your life could be indicated if the bird is flying in circles. Similarly, note if the bird is dead, injured, or alive. The physical state of the bird could enhance the spiritual background

Although most birds are intelligent, you require more because your avian counterpart should share your disposition toward organization and analysis, Virgo. Out of all the options, the owl appears to be the most accurate and strategically minded. Because it doesn’t flaunt itself like a bird of paradise or threaten people like a raptor, the owl is an efficient bird that prefers to concentrate its energy. You would rather make plans in accordance with the owl’s preference for accuracy the first time around. Not to mention that since you and your avian soulmate are both diligent beings, dignity is a must!

If you’re drawn to water, the kingfisher represents you well. Birds born in August tend to be near bodies of water, whether they be lakes, rivers, streams, or even swamps. They are found in most of the United States, either year-round or during the migration and breeding seasons.

It makes sense that the bird of your birth month is a rooster if you’re a morning person born in November. Well, the deafening crow of the rooster heralds a new day. The fact that roosters can fly may surprise some people, but not for extended periods of time or over great distances.

Remember to include a card with your bird month gift! We found the best bird cards.

One early summer morning, as I was watering my flowers, I heard the unmistakable screech of a red-tailed hawk (above). It was not long before I found this lovely, chattering animal. It sat majestically atop my neighbor’s roof’s highest point. It was speaking to its partner, who was positioned in a nearby tree. Carol Holliday says, “I was fortunate to witness their interaction and capture a picture as it took off and flew away.

“This colorful rooster (above) bravely and vigilantly guards his farm.” He watches the sky for any possible threats that might be present and awakens us to the start of a new day by crowing. The rooster guards his flock by strutting around the farmyard with pride, according to Crystal Blank.


What is the bird associated with birth?

According to European folklore, the white stork is responsible for bringing babies to new parents. The legend is very ancient, but was popularised by a 19th-century Hans Christian Andersen story called “The Storks”.

What is the bird for Virgo?

Crested wood partridge, Ja Roul Roul, is the bird representing the Virgos out there. He is a very hardworking bird and comes across as analytical when helping build their nest in the tall grasses or leaves.

What bird is a Scorpio?

Scorpio: You’re a Raven “Nevermore” will you wonder who your avian counterpart is, Scorpio! The raven is your feathered soulmate since this sleek, moody bird perfectly exemplifies your mysterious energy and inclination for the taboo.

What is the birth month of the owl?

From owls to ravens, here are the birds that represent everyone’s birthdays. The birth month birds are as follows: January: Owl. February: Parrot.