is a rusty bird bath bad for birds

So now we arrive at bird baths guaranteed to rust. I would have placed an old rusty bird bath at the end of the driveway on trash collection Tuesday a few years ago. But why would anyone, including birds, want to bathe in or drink from a rusty tub? I would never have purchased one. However, since learning about bird supply stores, I’ve seen a lot of signs proudly stating, “Guaranteed to Rust,” on some models of display bird baths. What’s up?.

What comes to mind when someone says the phrase “rusty bath tub”? For me, it would be one of those vintage tubs with clawed legs that my grandmother had in her Chicago bungalow. Where do those claw-legged tubs go when those turn-of-the-last-century Victorian bathrooms get remodeled? The immaculate vintage bath tubs might find new life in upscale decors. Many a tub, I’m sure, gets a few rust spots they may not have previously shown in the gardens of people with an eye for antiques and a green thumb, where the less “gently used” of them might find homes.

That Victorian-tub look can easily extend to your garden with the addition of a graceful bird bath that is guaranteed to rust! It turns out that minerals released by the rust in those bird baths really are good for the birds! Yeah! They make them rust on purpose! Tin (not galvanized), steel, and iron (not coated with antirust paints) are not hazardous to birds, although certain metals might be. In all honesty, the birds don’t care either way. Just for fun, you might check for Victorian bird baths that are guaranteed to rust the next time you visit your neighborhood bird supply store. I’d love to have one in my atrium garden. However, I would adore having an atrium garden.

My mother purchased an iron bird bath, but it quickly rusted and turned the color of any water that was in it. When she wrote to the store where she purchased it, they informed her that the birds wouldn’t be harmed and that it is expected to rust. I find this difficult to believe. My suggestion was to coat the bird bath with a material that would prevent rust and be secure for the birds to use. Any advice or suggestions? Thank you!.


Can I use a rusty bird bath?

Our Rusty Bird Baths are in demand and we are unable to guarantee to have them fully rusted in stock. The baths can be used until rusty as long as they are regularly cleaned (every day or other day as required) to prevent a sludge build up in the base of the bath.

Does rust hurt birds?

Only a small amount is needed to cause a problem. Symptoms include vomiting, weakness, wobbly balance, seizures and even death. Please inspect your bird’s cage and toys for rust and be mindful that not all toys from pet shops are safe.

How do you fix a rusty bird bath?

Clean the birdbath very thorough, scuff sand, then use a water based paint, please allow to dry before you put water back into it, also if it’s a metal bird bath you should use like krylon, or a rust inhibitor like rustoleum to paint it and there again sand it rinse it out and clean thorough before putting it back out …

Is it safe for birds to paint a bird bath?

Add extra color to the garden by painting a concrete birdbath. Any exterior latex paint should be safe for birds.