how to turn rain bird sprinkler head

Arc Adjustments for Rain Bird Rotors

how to turn rain bird sprinkler head

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After disassembling the various sprinklers and examining how the components fit together, I discovered the following:

  • When a new nozzle’s adjustment screw refuses to turn at all, the nozzle is broken. It is best to test the adjustment screw before installation to avoid any potential headaches.
  • Pop-up sprinklers from Orbit, Rain Bird, and Hunter all have remarkably similar designs. A post directly above the filter can be raised or lowered using the adjustment screw located on top of the nozzle. Water flow is restricted by turning the screw clockwise, which lowers the post into a filter socket. To see how the post fits into the filter, refer to the picture below. If the filter is absent with these designs, the adjustment screw will be ineffective.
  • When the sprinkler head is mounted on a Rain Bird sprinkler rather than an Orbit sprinkler, the adjustment screw on Orbit brass sprinkler nozzles functions more effectively. It appears that the filter in an Orbit sprinkler is positioned lower; in order to limit the flow, you will need to turn the adjustment screw even further clockwise, and some water will leak out of the area surrounding the screw.
  • A different design is used in Toro sprinkler heads, where the water flow is restricted by the adjustment screw itself via an assembly beneath the nozzle. The sprinkler heads are independent of the installed filter. Take care not to overtighten the adjustment screw because doing so will require you to disassemble and reassemble the head assembly.
  • Although they appear to fit on Hunter sprinklers, orbit nozzles don’t It will screw on partway but never all the way.

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Why are my rain bird sprinkler heads not rotating?

It could be that the heads are bogged down with dirt and debris, so make sure you’re cleaning your sprinkler heads once per month. Other potential problems include broken irrigation lines, damage to the head itself, and poor water pressure.