how to treat a constipated bird

so sorry if this is the wrong place for this, ive been looking all over for hours andcouldnt find anything helpful. a few days ago, we found a live baby bird in a nest full of,,, less alive baby birds, along with (im assuming) its less alive mother bird. im not sure what happened to them, maybe cats or something. but basically ive been taking care of this little guy the past few days (there arent any wildlife rehabilitation centers anywhere near me 🙁 ) and hes seemed fine. hes been eating and sleeping and going to the bathroom no problem. since yesterday though ive noticed hes been having a hard time going to the bathroom, he has a big white lump built up on his little poopy butt and it takes him so much effort pushing and squirming to get it out, if he does at all. its been taking longer for him to go the more it happens and i just feel so bad for him. is there anything i can do to help? is this normal or should i be really concerned? a side note ive been feeding him a tiny bit of mushy cat food thats been soaked in water every 20 minutes as his main diet, right now im boiling an egg for him to try the yolks of. (again sorry if this is the wrong place for this, if it is though id really appreciate if someone could tell me where to post to so i can get good advice ;;)

I apologize if this is the incorrect place for this; after searching for hours, I was unable to find anything useful. A live baby bird and its (presumably) less alive mother bird were discovered in a nest full of less alive baby birds a few days ago. I don’t know what became of them; perhaps cats or something. However, I’ve been caring for this little guy for the past few days because there aren’t any wildlife rehabilitation facilities in the area, and he seems to be doing well. He’s been eating, sleeping, and using the restroom without any issues. However, I’ve noticed that since yesterday, he’s been having trouble using the restroom. He has a large white lump that has accumulated on his little butt, and it takes him a lot of work to push and wriggle it out, if he does so at all. He’s been taking longer to leave the more times it occurs, and I’m really sorry for him. I’ve been giving him a tiny bit of mushy cat food that has been soaked in water every 20 minutes as his main diet; right now, I’m boiling an egg so he can try the yolks. Is this normal, or should I be really concerned? (I apologize once more if this is not the appropriate location for this; however, if it is, I would greatly appreciate it if you could direct me to a post where I can receive helpful guidance.)

Constipation in pets is uncommon, especially in parrots. However, when a bird gets constipated, it frequently strains to urinate and becomes extremely lethargic or agitated, with fluffed feathers. It’s a serious health issue that requires prompt attention and action.


What is a laxative for birds?

Psyllium is a bulk-forming laxative which causes the fluid and ion content of the feces to increase by absorbing water. It is used in birds to enhance the elimination of certain substances from the gastrointestinal tract, by reducing the transit time in the intestines.

Why is my bird struggling to poo?

There are several reasons why your pet bird may not be pooping. One possible reason is that the bird is constipated. This can happen if the bird is not getting enough fiber in its diet or is dehydrated. Another possibility is that the bird may be sick and has a blockage in its digestive system.

What can I give my cockatiel for constipation?

Fresh veggies and fruits can be natural laxatives for your tiel. Your tiel should always have fresh water all the time.

Can parakeets get constipated?

Any sudden changes in color, texture or smell of a parakeet’s droppings signal a problem. Mucus in the droppings, a dark green color, streaks of blood and watery droppings are indicators of avian illness. Also, if the bird is straining more than usual while relieving itself, he’s showing a sign of constipation.