how to take birds eye view photos

The birds’ eye view shots have become increasingly popular these days. This photography style lets you see things from a different perspective and pays attention to detail. Dive in to find out what bird eye view photography is, why you should do this photography, and several tips you should consider in the process.

How Can You Photograph a Bird’s Eye View?

Fortunately, not all of the methods for obtaining an aerial viewpoint or elevated view in your photography require renting a helicopter!

Here are some tips to help you capture the desired picture of the bird’s eye view:

  • Utilize a drone: Obtaining bird’s eye view photos using a drone is, by far, the most common method. Drone perspective is unmatched for dramatic film and bird’s eye photography. Drone piloting sounds like a lot of fun, but dropping a drone into the ocean is a scary reality. Thankfully, drones are very reasonably priced (less than $200!) and a valuable addition to your landscape or wedding gear. One excellent example is the inexpensive, lightweight, and simple to fly DJI Mavic Mini.
  • Mount a camera on a monopod or tripod – Using a monopod or tripod you already own is a simple and fast way to capture a bird’s eye view. Make sure your equipment is firmly fastened to the mount and that the monopod is extended to its maximum height. It should also be angled downward. Using the self-timer, set the delay for 10-seconds. You can raise it as high as you can with a lightweight monopod while taking the lens’s downward angle into account. See how to do this and sew multiple s together in the video up above.
  • Utilize a 360-degree camera on a pole: Using a 360-degree camera fixed to a “invisible” selfie stick is an additional creative strategy. Hold the pole up high to capture s or footage. The advantage of utilizing a 360-degree option is that it allows you to choose the view or angle of the video that you want to use to create an
  • Take a seat: If you’re working inside and want to take a picture of a family member, meal, or flat lay, take a seat on a chair. It’s an easy method to obtain a bird’s eye view inside. Use caution when handling a stepladder, larger ladder, or the hood of your rental car.
  • The simplest method to capture bird’s eye views is to position yourself above someone. Your model should be lying on the ground with their back to you as you stand over them, your legs on either side of their body. Watch where your shadow falls and avoid putting your legs in the frame.
  • When children are playing, they explore and play at ground level. Capture an aerial view of them engrossed in the action.
  • Hire a helicopter: If you have the means, consider hiring a helicopter to capture amazing aerial photographs of a bustling city. You have our blessing to capture stunning aerial views!.

2. Bird’s Eye View Your Dinner

Food photography is often taken at eye level, which makes it somewhat tasteless (see what I did there?).

Bird’s eye photography is incredibly effective with food photography. It begs the question, “How do you take a picture of food from a bird’s eye perspective?”

When styling a single plate of food, you can photograph it from above or from a top-down perspective while standing tall.

You might need to use a different strategy if you want to photograph a larger spread of food, like a dining table full of your prettiest dishes and crockery. In this instance, I advise climbing up high with a step ladder.

In any case, BEV-ing your meal is a fantastic method to take food photos.

7. To Transform Boring Cityscapes into Works of Art

Eventually, every urban setting begins to look alike, making it difficult to tell them apart. By using a bird’s-eye perspective, you can give your images a unique and captivating perspective by making buildings appear to be trees.


What angle is birds eye view on a camera?

An overhead shot is when the camera is placed directly above the subject. It’s somewhere around a 90-degree angle above the scene taking place. Overhead shots are also called a bird view, bird’s eye view, or elevated shot. Its placement is somewhat near the action, differing from the aerial shot.

What is bird’s eye view in photography?

Bird-eye photography, also called bird’s eye view photography, is a viewpoint in photography where the picture is taken from above. As a result, it is an entirely different point of view, and the image will resemble what it would be like to observe a scene from the eyes of birds as they perch or fly.

How do they do birds eye view?

A bird’s-eye view is an elevated view of an object or location from a very steep viewing angle, creating a perspective as if the observer were a bird in flight looking downwards. Bird’s-eye views can be an aerial photograph, but also a drawing, and are often used in the making of blueprints, floor plans and maps.