how to stop birds under solar panels

Great for the Pigeons. Bad for Your Solar Panels

The pigeons love your rooftop solar panels, but your panels are actually not that fond of the pigeons. Every year, pigeons damage solar panels to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars in the following ways:

  • The poop. Even though it’s unpleasant to consider, it’s necessary to be honest: bird droppings are terrible for solar panels. Poop on the panel surface disrupts the panels’ operation and, if it is allowed to “cook” in the sun, results in irreversible damage and discoloration. Poop under the panels is no good either. Because they are so acidic, bird droppings can destroy electrical equipment, shingles, roofing membranes, and even tiles. As droppings build up, they could fall through the building’s side and create an unsightly mess, or they could dry out and become tiny, poisonous dust particles that enter the building through vents and HVAC systems. Bird droppings near your solar panels are a bad situation from any angle.
  • The mess. While bird bests may be charming, they’re also messy. Birds scatter nesting materials in every direction. Nests pose a significant risk to human health because they are frequently held together by an unpleasant mixture of excrement and other fluids. Not only does it not look good, but birds also like to peck at the machinery beneath the panels. Pest birds will nip at panels and pull at wires; nothing is safe from them.
  • The other guests. Birds attract other visitors to your solar panels. Rats, mice, insects, bats, and squirrels will all move in to join the birds. These animals will gnaw through your electrical and destroy the space more quickly than you can say “Bird B Gone.” ”.

It’s just not feasible for you to let pigeons reside beneath your solar panels. The costs are just too great.

Tips to Pigeon-Proof Your Solar Panels

To recap:

  • Pigeons are attracted to solar panels
  • Pigeons destroy solar panels
  • Pigeons will keep coming back

Here are three suggestions to get pigeons off your solar panels:

1. Install Solar Panel Mesh

A low-tech way to safeguard your high-tech solar panels is with solar mesh. The method is easy to use and entails attaching wire mesh panels to your solar panels’ edges. The mesh keeps animals and birds out of the area beneath your solar panels, allowing air to flow underneath them but preventing anything else from passing through. The system can be swiftly installed, and the clips won’t harm your panels. Once installed, solar mesh is low maintenance, neat, and has little visual impact. It’s a humane solution to the pest bird problem.

Although installing solar mesh is not difficult, it is a task best left to a professional installer. This is due to the significance of completely cleaning the area while wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Because of the height, angle, and requirement to maneuver carefully around the solar panel components, this space can be challenging to work in. Installers of solar mesh for Bird B Gone are located all over the nation and have received specialized training in handling hazardous and challenging conditions to safely remove debris and install panels. Give us a call right now if you have any questions about the product or would like to find out who can install solar panel mesh in your area.


How do I keep birds out from under my solar panels?

The best way to stop pigeons from nesting under your solar panels is to install Solar Panel Mesh and Clips to guard the undersides of the panels. This mesh is run along the perimeters of the solar array too stop birds and rodents from accessing the warm protected underside.

What is the best bird protection for solar panels?

The Defender® Solar Panel Bird Spike has been constructed from high-quality materials that will stop pigeons, rooks, seagulls and crows from gaining access under roof solar panels for many years.

How do solar panels deal with birds?

Mesh – A way to shield solar panels is to place Mesh around panels. Because the mesh can block birds from getting into in the space, this method stops them from entering.

What happens when a bird lands on a solar panel?

Solar panels can potentially kill birds through a phenomenon known as the “lake effect.” Migrating waterfowl and shorebirds may perceive the reflective surfaces of photovoltaic (PV) panels as bodies of water and collide with the structures as they attempt to land on the panels.