how to spell sore like a bird

However, the word “sore” is most frequently used as an adjective that denotes “painful or aching,” usually in reference to a bodily part.

Additionally, it can be used as a noun to denote “a raw or painful place on the body.” ”.

After walking for an hour after your car broke down, are your feet sore or swollen?

You will be able to differentiate between soar and sore and use them appropriately in your sentences now that we have covered their various meanings and applications. Recall that soar corresponds to flight, whereas sore corresponds to discomfort.

It can also mean “to ascend to a higher or more exalted level” or “to rise or increase dramatically as in position, value, or price” when used as a verb. ”.

Saw, Soar, Sore”Saw,” “soar,” and “sore” are all common words, and your readers will expect you to use the right one.

  • I saw the angel carved into the marble, and I released him. (Sculptor Michelangelo).
  • Egyptian saws used hardened copper with serrated blades that cut with both push and pull motions.
  • It is recommended to saw wood along its grain at a 60-degree angle to the material.
  • Dont just fly, soar. (Dumbo)
  • I have two sides to me: the hippopotamus that wants to wallow in the mud and the eagle that wants to soar. (Poet Carl Sandburg) .
  • sore winner
  • sore loser
  • sore spot
  • to stick/stand out like a sore thumb
  • a sight for sore eyes
  • Example sentences with “sore”:

  • No matter how hurt or achy I am, I make sure to laugh and smile every day. (Wrestler Booker T) .
  • (Here, “sore” is an adjective.)

  • By kissing or making other intimate contact with sores, the virus is transferred from one person to another.
  • (Here, “sore” is a noun.)

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What Is the Difference between “Saw,” “Soar,” and “Sore”?”Saw,” “soar,” and “sore” are easy to confuse because they sound identical (i.e., they are perfect

  • “Saw” is the simple past tense of “to see.”
  • A hand tool called a “saw” is used to cut wood and other hard materials.
  • “To saw” means to cut something with a saw.
  • “To soar” refers to staying aloft without utilizing an engine or flapping one’s wings.
  • A “sore” is an area of the body that hurts and is raw.
  • “Sore” is an adjective meaning painful or aching.


How do you spell sore as in flying?

The verb soar means to rise or fly high in the air. Soar also means to rise above the ordinary level. As an adjective, sore means feeling pain, sorrow, distress, or resentment. The noun sore refers to a blister or some other source of pain or irritation.

Is it sore or soar for pain?

Hint: Remember that soar is related to flying while sore is related to pain. Sore means to be physically tender (as from overuse or injury): feeling or affected by pain. Soar means to fly high in the sky.