how to shoot birds with a pellet gun

Hi, Ive browsed and found a number of posts similar to my question but not my exact situation. I need help picking the best air rifle setup that will be my first. I do not care about target shooting or just plinking. All I care about is the insane amount of pest birds we have on our farm. I dont get enough of them with the 12 gauge though because its so loud and mines a short barrel. I can hardly ever get close enough. I mostly end up scaring them off until they come taunt me again. Lots and lots of sparrows and starlings. Pellets are much cheaper than my current birdshot. A scoped pellet rifle sounds like the ticket, and itd be fun.

Okay, so whatd be better for me with birds at a distance: .177 or 22? Multi pump or break barrel? PCP kind of sounds like a hassle and I dont know anyone with one. It was a new concept to me as Im more used to the springers. Still, I dont have a lot of experience with any. I do have a Crosman CO2 pistol thats only accurate up close.

Because of my experience and distance Ill be shooting, accuracy is very important to me. I also want to kill pest birds, but not have excessive power in case of being near steel siding and roofs etc.

Budget isnt so important here, but Im still looking for the best bang for my buck, not just the most expensive. Good quality and accurate mid range $ perhaps.

Accuracy is very important to me because of my experience and the distance I’ll be shooting at. Additionally, I want to kill pest birds, but I don’t want to use too much force if I’m close to steel siding, roofs, etc.

Alright, so if the birds were far away, which would be better for me? I don’t know anyone with a PCP, and it seems like a hassle. 177 or 22? Multi pump or break barrel? I was unfamiliar with the idea because I’m more accustomed to springers. Still, I dont have a lot of experience with any. I do possess a Crosman CO2 handgun, but it’s only precise up close.

Although price isn’t as crucial in this case, I’m still searching for the greatest value, not just the priciest Good quality and accurate mid range $ perhaps.

Hello, I looked around and saw several posts that answered my question, though not exactly in my situation. I need assistance selecting the ideal air rifle configuration for my first I do not care about target shooting or just plinking. The ridiculous number of pest birds we have on our farm is all that matters to me. But because the 12 gauge mines a short barrel and is so noisy, I can’t get enough of them. I can hardly ever get close enough. Usually, I scare them away until they try to tease me once more. Lots and lots of sparrows and starlings. Pellets are much cheaper than my current birdshot. It sounds like a scoped pellet rifle would be a lot of fun.

4. Shoot from a somewhat close distance. If the blind is positioned too closely, your shooting options will be limited, and the pellet gun’s sound may come to be associated with negative outcomes. But, long shots are for marksmen, not for starling hunters. My objective is always to kill someone cleanly and quickly, usually with a head shot. I try to position the blind between fifty and seventy-five feet away from the nestbox or tree. Once the blind is positioned, aim your scope at a target at that range.

Be careful: In the United States, it is only permissible to shoot or trap house sparrows and European starlings at nest boxes. S. Don’t even try to identify a female house sparrow if you are unsure. If you focus on reducing the number of males, the females won’t cause any issues at your nest boxes.

2. Employ a telescopic sight. Even the most affordable scope made for 22 rifles will help you hit medium-range targets with ease. Additionally, a telescopic sight will be required if you are over 45 and cannot focus on the target and the front sight simultaneously. My scope cost $9. 95 at Walmart and rarely loses adjustment once sighted in. A scope really makes accurate shooting easy.

1. Never let house sparrows or starlings see you when one of their brethren falls; always wear a blind! This spring, the screen door on our upstairs porch served as the ideal blind for shooting the sycamore starlings in the front yard. Sitting on the hallway floor, I would occasionally shoot four or five in a matter of minutes through a 4″ slot in a piece of plywood that was used to replace the lower screen panel. I would never associate the pop of the pellet gun or the pair of eyes squinting through the plywood slot with this event, but every time one starling would fall from a branch thirty feet away, another would frequently drop down from the tree top (where I couldn’t see or shoot) and land in the exact spot on this branch to peer down at the dead bird on the ground. Instead, the other starlings appeared to be keeping an eye out for potential predators. They were fired upon from the porch, but they were unaware of it the entire summer. My office is upstairs, so this contributed to the efficiency of the front yard starling reduction procedure.

3. Always brace the gun barrel because the opening in the blind provides ideal support for the barrel since you should always be shooting from a blind. You may need to use the gunstock or another brace for your arms if you are still unable to maintain the target still and centered on the crosshairs. If the blind’s slot can be adjusted to allow for the ideal shooting angle, this support can be obtained by sitting backwards on a kitchen chair and bracing the gun against the chair’s back. This kind of use of two supports is similar to conducting a bench test. All risk of error has been removed.


Is a pellet gun better than a BB gun for birds?

Also, the pellet gun is the only weapon suitable for shooting starlings and house sparrows. A bb gun does not have the power or accuracy to consistently make clean kills.

How hard does a pellet gun shoot?

BB guns can fire at speeds of up to 550 feet per second. Pellet guns can be even more powerful with speeds approaching 1,000 feet per second. Those are mildly interesting figures, but they mean little without some point of reference for injury.

Can I shoot a crow with a pellet gun?

Re: Crow. (4) Crows may only be taken by firearms, bow and arrow, and falconry. These are the only methods allowed to hunt/shoot crows. If you are shooting them with an air gun you are breaking the law.

What can you shoot with a pellet gun?

Besides the obvious things like paper targets, tin cans, golf balls and the like, I like things like aspirin, Tic Tac, cigarette butts and other small things for short-range fun at around ten meters. For truly serious challenge, playing cards or razor blades on edge are incredibly satisfying.