how to ride bird horizon forbidden west

In Horizon Forbidden West (HZFW) you can get a flying mount to fly across the map. This makes it very fast and easy to reach any place. The only downside is that this is an endgame unlock from the end of the story, so you must play through the story first.

How to Fly in Horizon Forbidden West

how to ride bird horizon forbidden west

Players must finish the Gemini main story mission before they can fly. Aloy gets a Sunwing override key during this mission. After that, they’ll have to start the Wings of the Ten mission, which has Aloy going into the nearby mountains to locate a Sunwing to override. That should be an easy task to complete since there are three of them standing around up there.

how to ride bird horizon forbidden west

Players will now have to carry out the mission, which entails fighting Regalla in combat, obtaining a Horus Energy Cell from a burned-out Titan, and overriding a Tallneck in the Shining Wastes. Players can use their flying mount for exploration or to complete the four errands and side quests that call for a flying mount after determining whether to kill or spare Regalla.

The flying mount is called “Sunwing”. The 16th Main Story Quest, “The Wings of the Ten,” is required to unlock it. You will receive this mount for the last story quest as part of the plot. This is merely the last of the game’s 17 Main Quests, to give you some perspective.

You can obtain a flying mount in Horizon Forbidden West (HZFW) to enable you to fly over the map. This makes traveling to any location quick and simple. The only drawback is that you have to finish the story in order to unlock this endgame item.

How to Control the Flying Mount

how to ride bird horizon forbidden west

Controlling a Sunwing is actually fairly simple. The machine can be moved forward by pressing X, and its direction can be changed by using the analog stick (up and down are inverted by default). Players can press the Square button to dismount at any moment and the Circle button to hover in addition to using the Triangle button to perform a barrel roll. R1 will raise the Sunwing while it is hovering, and R2 will bring it to a stop.

how to ride bird horizon forbidden west

Players can use the D-Pad to summon their Sunwing by pressing Down, just like they would with any other mount. When the Sunwing calls, it will fly down to pick up Aloy as long as there are no obstacles in the way and she is not in a settlement. The Sunwing typically hovers over the area after Aloy dismounts, and players can use the Pullcaster to grapple their way back onto it. Aloy can also be plucked from the sky by the Sunwing while she is gliding with the Shieldwing.


How do you unlock Sunwing mount?

Before players can fly, they’ll first need to complete the Gemini main story mission, during which, Aloy receives a Sunwing override key. They’ll then have to initiate the Wings of the Ten mission, which begins with Aloy heading into the mountains near the base in order to find a Sunwing to override.

Can you ride a bird in Horizon zero dawn?

Yes, aloy rides that raptor-bird but i would pay for a DLC that allows to fly, preferable, Stormbird with disabled weapons. Other birds are to small to carry aloy. Other possible way would be a big bird machine that is weak in fight but can carry aloy.