how to remove ring from bird’s leg

Removing the Open Leg Band

To carry out this process, a skilled bird handler should provide technical assistance. Always have three handlers on hand in case of emergency: one to restrain the bird, one to restrain the leg, and one to carefully remove the band (see below left).

It is necessary to firmly attach two vise grips to each band tip. One on either side. Apply pressure while twisting in the opposite direction of one another once both vise grips are firmly and securely grasped, the leg and bird are securely restrained (see below center).

By doing this, the band should come free from the ankle and spread apart in the opposite direction. (see below right).

how to remove ring from birds leg

These old quarantine bands are the most difficult to remove. These are screw-closed, but these are not closed baby bands! Wire cutters will be required to remove this band in an emergency if inflammation is expected. This procedure requires extreme caution and technical skills.

how to remove ring from birds leg

If you are compelled to take off your bird’s identification, think about getting your avian veterinarian to implant a microchip. Identification is essential for future reference, whether it be for ownership documentation, genetic tracking for breeding, or medical history. Regretfully, different brands are currently available, and different decoders are required to read all manufactured microchips. Keep the cut bands safe in a tiny plastic bag that is attached to your bird’s identification file, medical records, and birth certificate.

In case of an emergency, such as a leg fracture, the removal of the leg band could be necessary. Here are a list of tools that should be part of any avian first aid arsenal.

how to remove ring from birds leg

Steel Open Bands: are typically used to identify larger psittacines after sexing, importation, and quarantine.

Aluminum Closed Bands: are placed on captive bred babies.

It wasn’t until we got home that we noticed the bands on the legs of the two birds we bought from a pet store. Our other birds did not have a band. Store opens in an hour, so I’m going to call and get their advice, but thought I’d try here in the interim. Should they have been removed at the store, or is that something I need to do? Does it hurt them if I leave it on? If I do need to remove, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!.


Can I take my birds leg band off?

Never try to remove a leg band at home. Bird legs are very fragile and it is easy to injure your bird. Seek help from an avian veterinarian if you want to have your bird’s leg band removed. They may need to sedate your bird to safely remove the leg band.

What tool do you use to remove a bird leg band?

Tools for Removal of Leg Bands Steel ring cutters are used to remove bands from smaller species . i.e. budgies, canaries, finches, lovebirds and parrotlets. Open band pliers are needed to close “open” bands securely. Your breeder or avian veterinarian clinic should be able to assist you with this procedure.

How do you remove a pigeon leg band?

Removing Bands “Closed” bands, slipped on to the feet of pigeons used in sports like racing, rolling, etc. are slipped on over the bird’s foot when just a baby and once grown, can only be removed by cutting them off. Closed bands can be carefully cut through with heavy duty cuticle nippers.