how to prevent birds from nesting in awning

Deterrents to Keep Birds From Building Nests in Your Retractable Awning

Discourage birds from making a nest as one method of keeping them at bay. It is hoped that they will just move on and find a new location elsewhere if they encounter resistance to making a comfortable home. Though there are many alternatives available, these are some of the most popular deterrents.

  • Choose a cassette-style awning. When it comes to retractable awnings, birds usually build their nests on the square mounting bar that is located behind the fabric roller tube on models where the bar is visible. If you’re thinking about getting a new awning, the Performance Traditional 150 or the SummerSpace cassette style are made to ensure that there isn’t anywhere for a nest to grow.
  • Bird spikes. A humane method to stop birds from building a nest is to use acrylic clear bird spikes if you already have an awning and a bird problem. Install them on your home’s protected flat areas and along the top of the awning’s square mount bar. Since these spikes are not sharp, the birds are not harmed by them. They just prevent birds from landing.
  • PVC tube along the square bar. Once more, if you have an awning and a bird problem, you can usually take up the space that the birds need to nest by inserting a 1 ½” diameter plastic plumbing drainpipe along the length of the square bar. The pipe can be painted to match the awning frame or the house and is available at any big box or neighborhood hardware store.
  • Fake predators. Placing a statue of the birds’ natural predators will make them too afraid to approach, much like a scarecrow. These predator statues might include owls or snakes. The bobble head versions work better than the static ones. For added deterrence, you can occasionally reposition it. You can find these statues at local garden centers.
  • Use your awning often. This method of keeping birds away is simple and effective. Make it a point to open it every day when birds are nesting during those times of the year, to prevent them from assuming it’s unutilized and to encourage them to use it as a potential nesting site.

How to Keep Birds Out of Awnings

Discover how to use efficient bird control techniques to keep birds away from awnings. Find out which techniques work best for both nesting and non-nesting birds. There is enough protection from the elements and from predators with awnings and other covered areas. Awnings are among the covered spots that birds seek out to build their nests. It is crucial to install efficient bird deterrents for awnings because of this.

Find What Bird Deterrent Solution For Awnings Best Fits Your Problem

The bird activity will determine which course of action you take to resolve your bird-related issue. Different approaches are needed for non-nesting and nesting birds in order to properly address your bird issue.

  • Nesting Birds in Awnings
  • Non-Nesting Birds in Awning

Installing exclusionary bird control products, like bird netting, is the most efficient way to prevent birds from building their nests beneath awnings. Alternative bird deterrent products can be used to prevent birds from entering awnings when they are not nesting.

Note: Before installing products, make sure all nesting materials and droppings are removed.


What repels birds from nesting?

You can place bird spikes on railings, ledges, under eaves, and anywhere that’s a likely nesting spot. Hang wind chimes or scare tape. The movement and sound of wind chimes, especially if they’re made from metal or other shiny materials, will act to deter a bird from a potential nesting spot.

How do I keep birds from nesting on my patio?

Hang Light-weight Shiny Objects That Catch the Wind So you can hang things like foil strips, streamers, or wind spinners from trees and porches. The wind will catch the objects and make them move, which will keep birds from building a nest or even roaming around on your property for longer.

How do I get rid of birds in my overhang?

To prevent birds from perching, roosting, and sitting under the eaves on your property, you can utilize visual, sound, and smell based bird deterrent products. These products will help scare birds away from the underside of eaves. Visual and sound deterrents are best for deterring the occasional bird problem.