how to make heart shaped bird seed feeders

For the love of birds

Not only do homemade bird feeders benefit our feathered friends, but they’re also a great family project for chilly winter days!

Happy Love Month! As you may already be aware, I am loving making Valentine-themed do-it-yourself projects this month. Be sure to follow the blog for all the ideas I share! In case you missed it, last week’s post on how to make pink lavender salt scrub can be found here. I love giving gifts in February, and today I’m sharing another simple DIY project that would be perfect for a gift: hearts made of birdseed.

I see Love Month as a chance to celebrate all of the various relationships we have, including our relationship with the earth. Being aware of the habitats we share with wildlife is, in my opinion, one of the best ways we can demonstrate our love for them. At this time of year, when many plants are dormant and supplies are dried up by winter, birds require extra assistance in obtaining food. Fortunately, we humans can actually do something about that. February is for feeding the birds!.

If this piques your interest, continue reading for my detailed instructions on how to give the birds in your backyard a loving atmosphere this Valentine’s Day. If you make them, please tag me on Instagram so I can see how they turn out!

Easy to make with kids, these heart-shaped bird feeders are a great Valentine’s Day craft because they only require four ingredients (a great teaching opportunity!). After you’re done, you can all go outside and hang them from a tree in your yard. Bird feeders also make wonderful gifts for friends and family. I adore sending gifts that lift people’s spirits on bad days and are useful, consumable, and low- or zero-waste!